Photo from, used without permission...yet I arrived Thursday from week-long hiatus in Marinduque. My Semana Santa, even if it wasn’t very religious, was good. During an overnight stay in one of the enchanting islands of my beloved province, I had time to commune with nature.

That night was also a time for bonding with my friends and new-found UP friends.

I spent most of my vacation with Nanay and with my cousins. My (second-degree) cousins and I went on with our traditional participation in the prusisyon to pray and you-know-what-else. We had talks about our family, girls, school, Rico Yan and the state of the nation, among other topics. We planned on making the family tie tighter, we talked about our dreams and heartaches. We are grownups now; it was different when we were younger. Instead of playing taguan, habulan or komiks, we now gather over Red Horse or gin-pomelo and chicharon or Lucky Me. Syempre, I watered Nanay’s plants again. during the night, I slept beside her and hugged her. In the mornings, she had to literally pull me up from our sahig na kawayan to wake me up. She would not let me sleep until noontime without eating breakfast first. Ahhh, uwi na ako ulit sa amin!

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Hello, Meann! Salamat, ha? You’re an angel! I must also say thanks to Reine of DomainSynergy, my domain name registrar, for the very speedy modification in my domain and e-mail settings. Also to Gareth of, my web host, for the very efficient hosting. Salamat Rico Yan, sa iniwang alaala at aral!