Photo from afternoon, I visited for the first time the FriendlyCare Clinic in Mandaluyong City for a medical check up. (FriendlyCare was founded by civic leaders to initiate private sector participation in the delivery of low-cost basic health and family planning services.) I have been complaining of difficiculty in breathing and chest pain, among other discomforts, for around two months now. The first doctor I consulted said it could only be physical manifestations of stress or depression. The FriendlyCare doctor asked me to undergo electrocardiogram (ECG) and X-Ray.

Most of the clinic’s personnel were indeed friendly and caring. They serve patients with a smile and project genuine concern. But still, I am anxious about the results of the tests. I’m medyo scared. I don’t want to go home this early–Rico Yan was even older than me.

After the check up, I walked aimlessly at SM Megamall, stayed for about an hour at the National Bookstore and bought a book about European history at Booksale. Still feeling down, I decided to call one of my best friends in college. He said he was writing an article, but invited me to go to his place. I brought the food that he wanted and we talked while he was on his PC. Later, he demonstrated to me how to cook sinigang na baboy. He really loves to cook. Even when we were in college he sometimes cooked for us. He prepared the best sandwich I ever tasted. More kwento and updates on our lives, friends, works, history, politics, girls and our non-existent lovelives. No inom this time. After feasting on the rice and sinigang that he cooked, I thanked him left. It was, as he described, a hit-and-run.

Around six persons, including a journalist, were hurt yesterday in violent dispersals of anti-Balikatan protest rallies of the Youth for Nationalism and Democracy.

Four YND activists and Philippine Daily Inquirer reporter Tonette Orejas were hurt in a clash during an anti-Balikatan rally at the gate of the Clark Special Economic Zone in Central Luzon while another YND activist was reportedly injured at a rally in front of the US Embassy in Manila. A television report, showing video footages of policemen hitting the protesters, said one protester was hurt at the rally in Manila but the police said claimed no one was injured during the dispersal.

Scuffle broke out as the police dispersed the protesters in Clark who painted the gate and sidewalks with anti-US forces slogans. At the US Embassy, the Western Police District officers prevented the rallyists from throwing red paint and eggs at the embassy seal.

YND national President DJ Janier denounced and described as “unjustified” the violent dispersals. She said the joint military exercises do not benefit the the people. “The government said the exercises were meant to quell the Abu Sayyaf. But months after the exercises, the Abu Sayyaf are still here,” she said. Meanwhile, the commander of the WPD team that violently dispersed the YND activists berated his men. He angrily said they should not have dispersed the rally without his orders.