I’m back after almost a month of silence. While I was “offline”, a lot of things have happened.

Birthday vacation
I celebrated my birthday in Marinduque with Nanay (my grandmother). She and Tante Femy cooked some pancit bihon for my birthday feast. Most of my one-week vacation passed with me doing nothing except sleep, eat and read. There was one time when I watered Nanay’s plants in the backyard–on that same day, it rained. I went to the poblacion twice only to check my e-mail and see how Tinig.com and my other sites were faring in CyberSpace.

Nanay also accompanied me to the doctor for a check-up. Before I went to Marinduque, I was suffering from chest pains and difficulty in breathing. The doctor said there was no real medical trouble with me. Most likely, it’s only due to stress, he said. Probably he’s right, because I was down most of the time during those days before I went home to the province. He prescribed an anti-anxiety drug called Xanor. When I returned to Manila, I was already feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. The pain and the worrying have been attacking me again from time to time, but I guess I just have to fight with it.

A friend’s wedding
On InternationaI Women’s Day, one of my girl friends and the love of her life tied the knot of matrimony. It was the first time I witnessed a wedding of a close friend. All others I attended before were that of older family members or distant relatives, and therefore had less impact on me. This time, it felt different to see somebody I’ve known since college marching towards another person she would spend the rest of her life with. I was happy for her yet I felt a sense of loss, maybe because after that day, she would no longer be free and single like the rest of us. Unlike before, I’ll never be able to call her on the phone at night for us to talk as long as we want. She’ll no longer be available on barcada gimiks anymore (On the second thought, she was seldom free to go with us then. Besides, maybe I’m also no longer welcome on most of those gimiks, anyway). Oh, well, that’s life.

Ederic Eder

Ederic is a Filipino communications worker in the telecom, media, and technology industry. He writes about K-dramas and Korean celebrities for Hallyudorama.

He used to be a social media manager for news at GMA Network, where he also headed YouScoop, GMA News and Public Affairs’ citizen journalism arm.

He was with Yahoo! Philippines for more than three years before returning to GMA Network, where he was also previously part of the News Research section.

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