Noong Pebrero, isang kapwa ko miyembro ng ang nagpadala ng private message sa akin. Tinatanong niya ang opinyon ko sa kung ano ba ang dapat niyang bilhin: Treo 650 o treo 680? Narito ang slightly edited na sagot ko:

Thank you for your message and for visiting MakaPalm. Balik ka. :)

I was actually looking for a Treo 680 when I bought my Treo 650 last year. However, my budget of around P13,000 unit was not enough for even a second-hand Treo 680.

A brand-new 650 still costs more than P30,000 now, while the 680 is almost P25,000. But still, a second-hand 650 is way lower than a 680. Wala ka pa yatang mabibiling 680 na below P10,000 pero yung 650 could be as low as 7,000

So, if you’re like me na budget ang primary consideration, sa Treo 650 ka na lang muna.

But if you’re willing to spend a little more, and you want a lighter phone with a higher memory at may screen rotation, go for the 680. Halos walang ipinagkaiba ang dalawang models except for that. Check out this May 2007 comparison chart: [link]

Honestly, kung may sapat na funds lang ako, I would buy a 680. Kasi nga, mas maluwag sa bulsa, literally at mas mataas ang memory. Pero hindi yun nangangahulugang hindi ako satisfied sa 650. You must have read my old post about it, na all-around device talaga ang Treo 650.

I have to admit, though, na itong unit ko ay napapadalas ang pag-hang kapag may mga experiment akong ginawa like trying out new programs, especially yung Opera for Palm dati. O ngayong sinusubukan kong i-share ang Internet connection ng PC ko sa kanya.

Pero my remedy naman dito. Una, wag masyadong makulit gaya ko. Just install the software you really, really need. Kung magloko, you could always do a hard reset to clear out old unnecessary files that clutter its memory. And because it’s Palm, the entire process of back up and restoration is very easy. That will be a subject of a future entry ko sa MakaPalm.

So yun, if money is not a problem, get a Treo 680. But if you want to be practical, try a second-hand Treo 650. Ingat lang sa bibilhan.

Another option is to wait for the upcoming model expected to be launched later this month — yung Palm Centro. Hindi siya kamukha ng 650 or 680. Designed for new smartphone users, it’s smaller and has a better camera. The expected price range for a brand-new unit is P15,000 to P20,000.

Sana nakatulong ito sa pagdedesisyon mo. :)


Note: Di pa naii-launch sa Pilipinas ang Palm Centro.

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  1. hi i’m a palm treo user too, hope you could help me out. I need to change the phone casing of my palm to look good. I been using my palm treo 650 for almost
    3 years already. thanks a lot.


  2. Hi! I was the one that ask this question and suprisingly gave me a good enlightenment answers. Yes, ive decided to get a treo 650 rather than 680. Why? Battery issues. reading all the post from treo 680, battery will cause you problems talaga. but reading in 650 forums, memory lang ang problema which will be addressed by a memorycard. Yes, the treo 680 has tredier style. Everyone may not agree with me but for me nasa nagdadala yun. As observing from the field (as my work is in field) some treo 650 users look elegant on their phone eventhough its and old style kasama na ung antenna. hehehe. ung iba namang naka 680 ay hindi ganung kaelegante ang dating and vice versa. For me, sharing my verdict on my chosen unit (treo 650) im happy with my decision.

    But ill try to find something. a different treo 650. Iam looking and hopefully ill get it na by this week.

    Hoping to get treo 650

    Thanks for your help….