Publisher Level Infinite and developer Hotta Studio have announced that the hit open-world RPG “Tower of Fantasy” will open pre-load on August 9 and launch globally on PC and mobile on August 10, 2022 (PDT). Over three million players have signed up for the game at the official “Tower of Fantasy” website.

“Watch me, I’m not who I used to be, used to be.” Here is a special 30s release of the Tower of Fantasy global theme song, Clan, from milet! You can listen to the full version in August. Don’t forget to check out her new single, “Always You,” on August 17.

“Tower of Fantasy” is set hundreds of years in the future after humanity has escaped the collapsing environment of Earth and fled to the distant planet of Aida. The game’s open-world action of has been a hit with gamers in China. Soon, gamers in the rest of the world will get to join in on the thrilling action. Players will be able to experience an anime-inspired post-apocalyptic sci-fi art style, freeform character development, immersive objectives, and exciting combat through thrilling battles and exciting open world exploration.

‘Tower of fantasy’ launches after beta tests

The global release finally arrives after two closed beta tests where fans got a sneak peek at the build. Players were awed by the game’s in-depth character customization tool, exciting weapon-based action, shared open world exploration with friends, and compelling narrative.

Recently, fans noticed something strange happening on the official Twitter of “Tower of Fantasy”; it sent a mysterious garbled message on July 26, causing some to believe maybe the account was hacked. But keen-eyed fans noticed some hidden Morse code in the message, and curious wanderers set about decoding the mysterious information. In a life meets art moment, the cause of the secret message was the Omnium tower being disturbed, spinning the official account in our world out of control. Does this mean the world of Aida is beginning its descent into ours?

This is an event rooted in the world view of the “Tower of Fantasy.” After entering the game, more stories about the Planet Aida will unfold for Wanderers.

Key features of ‘Tower of Fantasy’ at launch

  • Open-world RPG
  • A post-apocalyptic sci-fi anime art style
  • Deep character creation tools
  • Exciting immersive combat
  • Open World exploration
  • Real-world physics (climbing, gliding, swimming.)
  • Cooperative multiplayer mode

Tower of Fantasy is still open for pre-registration at the official site, as well as on Steam, Epic Game Store, the App Store, and Google Play.

To learn more about Tower of Fantasy and claim in-game rewards, please visit or check out its other official channels: