In celebration of its 70th anniversary, Japanese brand Onitsuka Tiger has released a video featuring American actor and rapper Will Smith as its collaboration partner.

In the 44-second collaboration video, Smith wears a tracksuit in Onitsuka Tiger’s signature yellow and MEXICO 66™ SD sneakers, which Onitsuka Tiger says “have been very well received for their comfortable fit since their release.”

The video, which shows Smith’s body stretching and expanding as he dances and soars above cities and landscapes, has been posted on the social media accounts of both Onitsuka Tiger and Will Smith.

“Will Smith will dynamically express the fashionability and functionality of Onitsuka Tiger, a uniquely Japanese brand, as its collaboration partner,” the company said in a press release.

Onitsuka Tiger said the brand started the collaboration project with Smith as it feels a strong affinity towards the American celebrity.

“Will Smith is actively engaged in various projects such as those addressing environmental issues, having global, borderless influence on women and men of all ages via social media with his unique sense of humor and international awareness. And Onitsuka Tiger also strives to be a brand that provides Japanese technology and craftsmanship to the world via product design, making social contributions, and at the same time a brand that is more social media-friendly,” the company added.

Onitsuka Tiger is a made-in-Japan fashion brand inspired by sports. The company was founded as a sports shoe brand by Kihachiro Onitsuka in 1949.

In 2001, Onitsuka Tiger was updated to include town wear shoes and was reborn as a contemporary brand inspired by sports. With designs that blend heritage and the modern, the company creates shoes, apparel, bags, and other items.