My thoughts on People Power

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People power — or the direct action of the people — is invoked when democratic institutions fail, as we’ve seen in the Estrada impeachment trial.

Those who are calling for people power now see signs of such breakdown because of Hello Garci, the failed impeachment attempts, and the repressive policies of the current administration.

They say the people’s vote was subverted in 2004 when Garcillano acted as Gloria’s operative and helped her “lead by more than one million” votes. They also argue that the impeachment process against Arroyo failed because the congressmen — many of whom allegedly received bribes from the Palace — blocked a possible impeachment trial to hide the truth.

Also, Arroyo’s repressive policies, such as EO 464, are viewed as further attempts to strengthen the power of the President and prevent check and balances in the government.

And of course, the current calls for people power is fueled by the culture of corruption and impunity in the Arroyo administration.

As for the so-called EDSA 3, it just wanted to put back a plunderer back to the Palace.

6 thoughts on “My thoughts on People Power

  1. Hmmm…it pretty obvious that all of those things they say are all lies. If we don’t make a move now, when? we must preserve this country for te benefit of the future generation or else all of these things wil lnever stop.

  2. will there be another EDSA revolution this 2008?

    I don’t think so. PGMA is at control of the situation, look to their new plan..a new witness arise. Lets see what will happen next.

    thanks and have a good day!


  3. Noong nangyari ang People Power 1, maraming bansa ang humanga sa Pilipinas, may mga nag gayahan pa nga pero hindi naging as successful kagaya ng People Power 1 sa Pilipinas, kasi talaga yatang mababait at mapagpasensya ang mga Pilipino. Pero nagkaroon na ng ideya ang mga corrupt na leaders kung paano gamitin ang “people power” na ito para mang agaw ng kapangyarihan. Parang meaningless na ang mga sumunod na People Power na yan. Yung mga rallies na nangyayari, para bang nagiging libangan na lang ng ilang Pilipino pero hindi naman sincere sa pagnanasang magbago ang bansa. Lahat naman ng bansa may corruption, pero hindi ko lang maintindihan kung bakit sobra naman ang garapal ng corruption sa Pilipinas. Mas marami kasing naibubulsa kesa sa mga proyektong ginagawa. Maski sa mga news, instead na makinig ka ng magagandang nagyayari sa benepisyo at mga bagong batas na mapapaganda ang takbo ng buhay ng mga Pilipino, puro investigations ang nababasa at napapanood mo. Para bang isang napakahabang palabas lang ng mga politiko ang kanilang trabaho bilang public servant. Parang showbusiness. Pero matagal na nating alam yan, ang problema, tinanggap na yata natin na ganito ang buhay Pilipino, ganito ang gobyerno.

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