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People power — or the direct action of the people — is invoked when democratic institutions fail, as we’ve seen in the Estrada impeachment trial.

Those who are calling for people power now see signs of such breakdown because of Hello Garci, the failed impeachment attempts, and the repressive policies of the current administration.

They say the people’s vote was subverted in 2004 when Garcillano acted as Gloria’s operative and helped her “lead by more than one million” votes. They also argue that the impeachment process against Arroyo failed because the congressmen — many of whom allegedly received bribes from the Palace — blocked a possible impeachment trial to hide the truth.

Also, Arroyo’s repressive policies, such as EO 464, are viewed as further attempts to strengthen the power of the President and prevent check and balances in the government.

And of course, the current calls for people power is fueled by the culture of corruption and impunity in the Arroyo administration.

As for the so-called EDSA 3, it just wanted to put back a plunderer back to the Palace.

Ederic Eder

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