Reactions sa absolute pardon kay Erap

Narito ang reaksyon ng iba’t ibang grupo at indibidwal–lalo na yung mga nanguna at nakiisa sa People Power 2–sa executive clemency na iginawad ni Gloria Macapagal Arroyo kay Joseph Estrada:

Bagong Alyansang Makabayan:

GMAâ€s pardon of Erap is part of a cover-up most foul. In the immediate, Malacanang hopes to divert the publicâ€s attention from the latest corruption and bribery scandals using this hasty and unjust pardon. The more sinister objective is to draw Estrada and his followers away from the Oust GMA Movement, entice Estrada to instead utilize the electoral arena to rebuild his political and economic clout and meanwhile allow the Arroyo regime to weather its latest crisis.


She treats justice like a mere transaction among thieves. Who else but the most incorrigible of thieves who would not hesitate to do a shameless act like this? This mockery of justice is unpardonable… This act normalizes corruption, sending a wrong message to the youth and other public officials… Who else is she willing to forgive? The Marcoses?”

Black & White Movement

Today will be marked as a miserable day in our nationâ€s history. Gloria Macapagal Arroyoâ€s pardon of former president Joseph Estrada, granted without need of a public admission of guilt, is a mockery of justice and an insult to all Filipinos. It is a reflection of the culture of transactional politics that has characterized GMAâ€s regime, which has brought our country to a state of moral bankruptcy.

Kabataan Party:

Such developments only show how Mrs. Arroyo continues to betray the youth and the ideals and principles of the peopleâ€s uprising that catapulted her to power.

President Corazon C. Aquino

I am happy for former president Joseph Ejercito Estrada and his family. I pray that as a free man, former president Estrada will harness the lessons he had learned from the sufferings he had endured and continue to serve our less fortunate brothers and sisters.


Anakbayan has reason to believe that, like all other diversionary tactics being perpetrated by Malacanang, Estradaâ€s pardon is not for ‘reconcilition†and humanitarian purposes but still for the survival of Arroyoâ€s beleaguered administration.

CBCP President Archbishop Angel N. Lagdameo

The pardoning president has spoken; the case ends there. But where is “restorative justice?” Where is the justice capable of restoring harmony in social relations disrupted by the criminal act committed (cf. Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church, No. 403)

We appeal for the many prisoners who may also deserve the same clemency for the sake of their poor families. A president pardoning a convicted president may have bigger implications than meet our eyes now. And so reflection must continue, but this time with civil society. May it bear the desired fruit of unity and reconciliation. I enjoin all the faithful to pray that our country will be guided along the path that is “maka-tao, maka-bayan at maka-Dios.”

Matagal nang itinuro sa atin na “ang magnanakaw ay galit sa kapwa magnanakaw.” Ngunit sa pagkakataong ito, ang kriminal ay nagpalaya ng isang kapwa kriminal. Nakapagpasya marahil kapwa na sa halip na patuloy na magsumbatan hinggil sa kung sino ang tunay na mandarambong ay maghati na lamang sa natitira pang madarambong.

13 thoughts on “Reactions sa absolute pardon kay Erap

  1. Erap’s pardon simply shows that Gloria wants peace and unity in this country..
    ….. Erap unites thousands or even millions of people…
    he’s a man whose everything in him were known by the public(even the worsts side of him) but still the taong masa, believes and supports him…
    Go… ERAP!

  2. executive clemency for me is an unrighteuos deed done by the most powerful person in this complicated country. This must not be imposed for a national Thief named ERAP for he has destroyed 1/2 of our democracy and generated a whole of his fortunes. We can tell that Chavit has done such crime too, yet if we ought to compare the ability or the power invested by either person, we could simply imply a generalization that ERAP can done it better. And the amount corrupted be ERAP is apparantly greater than what Chavit has corrupted. This catastrophe is unavoidable, ‘COz, even if i will be put to a presidencial position, i could have done it too to maintain the faith of the oppositions rudimentary to the ability of a president and to address that she can do whatever is there to be done.
    This is simply to maitain her presidential position and not to be impeached by the oppositions or ERAP’s supporters.

  3. sa palagay ko okay ang pagpapalaya kay Pangulong Erap, sabihin na natin na nagnakaw sya, pero ang ninakaw nya ay hindi galing sa kaban ng gobyerno kundi sa jueteng at marami naman nakinabang sa ninakaw nya.Si Chavit sya lang ang nakinabang sa ninakaw nya.Nagalit sila kay Pangulong Erap, kasi naunahan sila sa jueteng eh kung sila ang nauna don kakasuhan ba sila?Matagal rin nakulong si Pangulong Erap ayaw panilang pabayaan.Si Pangulong Arroyo nga may binigyan ng executive clemency ng hindi nakulong khit isang oras pinabayaan nila tpos si Pangulong Erap mtgal nakulong kinekwestyon pa nila. Dapat makulong si Chavit at Ramos dahil pareho naman silang gutom sa kapangyarihan sa palasyo.

  4. para sa akin mabuti narin na binigyan ng pardon c erap para narin yun sa mga supporters nya…at para nman kay gloria sa tingin ko kaya nya naman ginawa yun ay para naman magmukhang mabait siya sa mga supporters ni erap at sa iba pang mga tao…at para narin hindi maalalaa yung ZTE DEAL at hindi narin mapansin…parang wala na talagang pag-asa ang pilipinas sa nangyayari ngayon.

  5. sa tingin ko its about time na rin palayain c erap i believe his innocent, or tatangatanga sorry for the word siguro mshado lang cyang nagtiwala sa mga taong nakapaligid sa kanya,at kung tlgang msma cya dpat wl nrin cyang mga suporter like lim,binay,puno,ginggona and others and the masa. but i was thingking bkit si chavit hindi nakulong diba dpat nkakulong din cya pr ptas ang laban kung tlgang may btas tyong sinusunod,at bkit kahit anong kso ni mike arroyo lgi cyang nkklusot nsan ang btas wla akong mkitang pag asa sa pilipinas,buti nlang may erap para sa mhirap for me i think he is robin hood,but for mike arroyo i think his the greedy dog who lost his bone.

  6. Kay Ederic: Talagang dapat din nating ipagdasal si Presidente Macapagal Arroyo.
    Kay Ka Rusty: The Estrada pardon confirms the perception that the rich and powerful are above the law.

  7. @John Christian: Siguro dapat din nating ipagdasal si Pangulong Arroyo.

    @Ka Rusty: At iyan ang tinatawag nilang hustisya.

  8. I am strongly against President Macapagal Arroyoâ€s granting of executive clemency to a convicted plunderer like former President Estrada because till now he doesnâ€t admit to his sin. But thereâ€s nothing we can do anymore. We should rather pray for Mr. Estradaâ€s spiritual, physical, mental health and well-being, for his spiritual conversion, for his return to the Truth, and for the sanctification and salvation of his soul.

    The Estrada pardon confirms that then Vice-President Macapagal Arroyo joined the public clamour for then President Estradaâ€s resignation not for patriotic reasons but because she was ambitious.

    I agree with former President Fidel Ramos that the Estrada pardon could bring President Macapagal Arroyo, but he should look at himself in the mirror because his administration, like that of his incompetent predecessor Cory’s, had the biggest number of big-time scams.

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