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'I wanna go out! Stupid rally.'

“I wanna go out! Stupid rally.”

Sa pagsubaybay ko kahapon sa reaksyon ng Twitteria* sa rally sa Makati, isa ang pahayag sa itaas sa mga natanggap ko sa aking telepono. Kinikilala ko ang karapatan nila sa kanilang opinyon, pero dahil open to the public ang tweets** nila, pahintulutan ninyong sagutin ko sila rito. Hindi ko na ili-link sa profile nila. Hanapin ninyo na lang kung nais ninyo.

Sa unang twit: Kawawa ka naman. Hindi ka nakagimik because of that stupid rally. Sana you went out to Ayala Avenue and made baka na lang. Better do a stupid thing than tolerate evil, di ba?

“Ugh. Rally again. Those bloody bastards wouldn’t leave Makati alone.”

Ay, kasi po, guwardiyado ng estado ang EDSA Shrine. Alam ninyo naman, may mga taong galit at takot sa People Power.

“What’s happening there in PH? Our tour guide in south africa told me there’s a rally again. :(”

Uso pa rin kasi ang pandaraya, pagsisinungaling at pangugurakot. Balik ka na kasi, para makita mo.

“watching democracy in action (or run amok) from my condo balcony looking at makati ave & ayala ave.”

Wow, sarap naman. Sana may camera ka. By the way, democracy in action ang ganyan, ayon sa gobyerno. Sabi ng isang Philippine Information Agency press release tungkol sa mga rally na reaksyon ng mga mamamayan sa “Hello, Garci?” scandal noong 2005: “Democracy is alive and working in the country. That some segments of the populace are in the streets protesting against the President and demanding her to step down, is a proof that it is working.”

“We accept peaceful demonstrations as part of our democracy,” ayon naman kay Presidential Spokesperson Ignacio Bunye.

Sabi naman ng Article 3, Section 4 ng Saligang Batas ng Pilipinas: “No law shall be passed abridging the freedom of speech, of expression, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and petition the Government for redress of grievances.”

Balik tayo sa tweets:

“konti ng tao sa mrt! yey!”

Hehe, ansaya-saya, no?

“… thinking the rally should be ending by now. Hey, rallyists, your permit has already expired!”

Ikaw naman. Masyado kang apurado. Eh, kung si Gloria nga, ani Erap nga lang, e overstaying na, ano ba naman yung ilang minutong pasobra para sa gawaing may basbas ng Konstitusyon? Saka nagbayad naman sila ng buwis na ipinamasahe ni Gloria papuntang China, di ba?

And speaking of Erap, kakaiba rin si Binay. Bigla ba namang tinawag sa entablado at pinagsalita sina dating Pangulong Cory Aquino at Joseph Estrada, tapos dinedma si Pangalawang Pangulong Teofisto Guingona! Sabi sa mga report, dapat walang pulitikong magsasalita sa prayer rally. Pero nangyari nga. Tuloy, ang reaksyon sa Twitteria ay ganito:

“@ederic hahaha.. sasama sana ako sa rally kaso baka mapasigaw ako ng “ERAP RESIGN!”

Dapat, taga-joke lang si Erap, hehehe.

“Look at the personalities in the rally — opposition leaders — who were ousted in the last People Power. What gives? Filipinos forget!”

Oo nga, sobrang malilimutin tayong mga Pinoy. Kahit nga “Hello, Garci?” na two years ago pa lang, nalimutan na natin agad!

At sa mga nagrereklamo tungkol sa rally, ganito ang twit ni Gabe Mercado:

“These rallies are our reaction to the rape of our country. You’re complaining that the rape victim is crying too loudly.”

Amen. Amen.


Twitteria – “daigdig” ng Twitter; kasapian ng, isang micro-blogging service

tweets – mga mensaheng ipinost sa


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  1. *sigh* Whatevs. Those stupid rallyists naman kasi can’t make bili their own cellphone unlike me na frequently looking down sa kanila from my opisina here in the glitterati heck of a Makati skyscraper. They’re so nakakasawa na like, duh? I can’t make maneho to Ayala Ave because of their so paulit-ulit na yapping na make-resign na ang lola GMA. Brr. Yeah. Ka-asour na sila. Grow up mga magbubukid!

    –ganito ba tono nila? cofibean-ish? Palibhasa kasi they can feed their own perks with their Makati salary. Whatevs. Lol.

    Neil’s last blog post..Top 10 December 2007 Nursing Board Exam Passers

  2. I really liked what Gabe Mercado said. And sometimes I think that people just don’t understand and all that they’re looking at is the surface and they have not gone any deeper. Hay naku. Happy birthday na lang Ederic! 😀

  3. Let me make this clear: I think GMA should resign. However, I think I don’t want to be at any rally where Erap tries to clear his name by calling the kettle black.

    As long as we’re supposed to be cleaning house, let’s do it right this time by really cleaning house and not making some compromise – like accepting the lesser evil.

    In the vernacular, “Tutal naglilinis lang naman tayo ng bahay, itapon na natin ang basura.”

    Francis Acero’s last blog post..We’ve been here before, haven’t we?

  4. @noemi – Exactly. And they’re just whining about how to put themselves out of the crowded areas. Blah. Whattanonthinkingmakatipeople, believing that their Makati salary separates them from being a Filipino citizen. Apathetic fools. -_- (At talagang ina-underscore ko ang ‘Makati’ wtef)

    Neil’s last blog post..Top 10 December 2007 Nursing Board Exam Passers

  5. Neil – I agree with you. Why is it that some Filipinos have this “your group” and “my group” mentality? Like they’re separating themselves and think they’re so above the rest? When you leave the Philippines, you will still be a Filipino. And since the Philippines is a developing third world country, with majority of the Filipinos still in the poverty line, you cannot escape the image that you, too, no matter if you live in a Makati condo, is part of this “group” of people. You will be seen as “poor”, and as “corrupt” as what the Philippines is in reality, and that could only change IF and only IF the citizenry decide to change the way they think and do.

    I hate to be a “hater”. But frankly, I hate the kind of people who are so apathetic to the needs of other people and think they are the elite and should be served. That’s why theiy try to create their own lingo and think that “If I speak a certain way”, then I am not like them, so poor and cheap.”

    But the real noble, rich people are those who stand up for freedom, the truth, and work for the welfare of the whole, not just for themselves. Be a catalyst for change, no matter if the odds are insurmountable.

  6. bakit walang blog links tungkol sa kasalukuyang isyu ng bansa mula sa mga hindi sikat na bloggers? *eherm-eherm* …teka Imbestigador na. log-out na ko sa net.. 😛

    PS. happy birthday ulit. sana maligaya ka sa mga nabili mong DVD sa _________. hehehe..

  7. While I hate these socialites, at the same time I agree with them in that the only thing “inter-faith” rally will accomplish is to create traffic. The problem here is that rallies have become an easy exercise in citizenship. People go to a rally, feel ennobled, and then go home on their merry way feeling like they’ve made a difference.

    The reality is that change will never be that simple. It’s a long and tedious process of changing our values and extending our love for friends and family to the entire nation.

    Ryan’s last blog post..Air Asia’s April Specials EXTENDED

  8. Though the rallyist may not represent the majority, pareto principle may work if views are not balanced, and emotions rule over reason.

    The truth that will set us free is not the half truths being propagated by some. Change starts from within.

    The wheels of justice may be slow, but it will certainly overtake the wrongdoer.

    Sonnie’s last blog post..Democracy, DemoCrazy or Mob Rule?

  9. nakakalungkot lang yung mga nag ti tweet-tweet ng ganun. oh well,opinyon nila yuh,pero sana naman dba, sana lng, d lang sila nakukuntento sa comfort zones nila, at sana tumitingin sila sa bigger picture of the situation. wah!

    bulitas’s last blog post..mariah’s ken lee song


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