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Whenever Mhay and I are online these days, we spend a lot of time in Friendster–probably the biggest thing to hit the World Wide Web lately. Its original concept as a dating service has changed. It has even probably overtaken, which was supposed to be useful in finding former classmates. With Friendster, you’d find not just old friends in school–you’d even get reconnected with former crushes, girlfriends or boyfriends, and even childhood best friends.

Hmm, do I sound like I’m doing a Friendster testimonial? Mhay felt that way yesterday when we were convincing our friend Barn to join.

I now have 81 contacts in my Friendster list: most of them my cyberfriends; a number of them my real-life friends, colleagues, and former classmates; my favorite celebrities; and some friendly strangers.

The Friendster-mania that is now spreading among Filipino netizens has produced numerous blogs entries and articles recently. Expect one soon in my column).

As I was surfing today, I also found out from other bloggers as well as search engines that–as expected–there are already Friendster spoof sites. Check out–you will be asked for a beta code, though–don’t ask me, I don’t know either–and Other parodies include the STD-ster (might be useful for Kris and Joey, huh?) and Traposter, by Click Mo Mukha Mo!.

For my friends and cyberfriends who’d like to add me to their list, here’s my Friendster page.

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  1. i tried clicking on the link you have posted on diz article.. but it didnt work..hehe:) changed na pla? awwhhh

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