While the Philippines is admittedly a Friendster country, my recent experience with social networking sites shows that Facebook is also now gaining Pinoy members. Both social network sites already have their own mobile interface that allows cellphone users to login to their account.

Recognizing Facebook’s huge membership — having been “recently ranked by M:Metrics as one of the sites people visit most often on their mobile devices” — Palm created Facebook for Palm.

I downloaded and tried to install it on my Treo 650, but it isn’t compatible with my device. Facebook for Palm is supposed to work with Palm Centro, Treo 755p and Treo 680 smartphones.

Here are more details about Facebook for Palm from the official Palm blog:

You can use Facebook for Palm to:

  • Send and receive messages
  • View and post status updates
  • View and post photos from your smartphone
  • See your friends’ profiles and photos
  • Read and write Wall posts
  • View News Feed
  • Upload videos taken from your Palm smartphone
  • Use a mobile “Contacts” tab that aggregates friends phone numbers – view your list of friends and dial or text them directly

Maybe Palm could also come up with Friendster for Palm and Orkut for Palm for its customers in Asia and South America, respectively.