After what seems like a long time, I was with my college friends again last Saturday. One of them arranged the meeting — in which only four, including herself, attended — to announce that she’s getting married. I wasn’t shocked although I did not expect her announcement. It was probably because when she texted me for the kita-kits, the first thing that I thought of was that most likely, she would announce that she found a boyfriend just in time for Valentine’s Day or she would be settling down.

It felt strange to hear one of my friends announcing such a thing. Not that I’m jealous or hurting, ha? (I admit, once upon a time, I had a crush on her and it lasted for a around a week or so. I immediately realized that we were indeed better off as friends, hehehe.) Just that such development tells me about changes. People change and time changes. Or maybe it’s better to just say that I’m really getting older na naman. The wedding day falls a week after my 23rd birthday. Tumatanda na talaga ako.

Blast from the past
After the meeting, one of my best buddies in college and I went for some beer at Sharky’s — forgot the correct spelling because the name of the restaurant could not be seen anywhere inside it. We talked about, well, life. We tried to guess who’s going to next and we talked about our non-existent lovelives. He said he could not see himself getting permanently attached in the next two years. Neither do I, not even in the next five years.

After the drinking session, we tried to find a non-coño friendly coffee shop and ended up considering either Figaro or Starbucks. But both were full of both coños and non-coños. We settled for McDonalds, where we met a blockmate in college. Kaunting kwento while she was eating fries and I was finishing my McDip sundae. She remarked “Magkasama pa rin kayo?” and told us she’s now married and has a 10-month old boy. She also said she’ll finally graduate this summer. See the coincidence? After the announcement of one of our college friends who also happened to be a blockmate of ours, we suddenly meet another blockmate whom we have not seen in, like, five years and who has already left singlehood.

Some more changes
For a change, I’m already up this early. This hopefully signals a good week ahead of me. has a new message board courtesy of PhpBB people, an open source group. Join us in the discussions here.

See that cute anime on this post? That’s me, Prince Cedric of forums. (Actually, that artwork is a creation of Rebecca Arcega. In 1997, she submitted to Tinig ng Plaridel some of her illustrations, including this anime. I asked her if I could have it, and when she gave it to me, I then immediately claimed it as “my portrait”.)

Ederic Eder

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