Cannot come to worship Him?

I had been looking forward to joining the 20th World Youth Day in Cologne, Germany this month.

But after a long wait for the result of our Shengen visa application, I got this message from the organizers last Friday:

AKAP got 616 passports at FEDEX warehse at 7am 2day after waiting whole nite. Of 616 passports 616 wer denied visa.

Jovi is right now wid Sec. Romulo who wil act as bridge 2 German ambassador.

Many delegates never travelld. But many hav Schengen n US visas. Yet all wer denied just d same. If each applicant is given visa on merit, wat just happend is a statistical improbability. Postpond all flyts on 8,9,10, 11 for nxt wk in time 4 WYD on 16. AKAP

Tsk tsk tsk. The theme of this year’s theme is “We have come to worship Him.” It looks like we cannot come to worship Him in Cologne. And we have to wait a little more time before we could see in person.

4 thoughts on “Cannot come to worship Him?

  1. Hello,

    Jeleny, naging progressive ba yung na-file nyo na case?

    Ano na pala nangyari sa management ng AKAP at may mga nakakuha ba ng claims?


  2. elow. may kakilala ba u na AKAp delegate na interested mgfile ng case vs. AKAP? Naghahanap ksi me ng mkakasama na mgfile ng case vs. AKAP. Kng meron po kau alam, pakikontak na lang po ako,09174373082. Tnx

  3. i’m also one of the delegates,,,so kainis nga eh.i expect na makikta ko na sana ung nex pope and then,,parang gnun na lang..walang pmasa.tsk tsk..

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