Andres Bonifacio

From the book “Supremo: the Story of Andres Bonifacio” by Sylvia Mendez Ventura:

“A soldier under Lazaro Makapagal revealed to Bonifacio’s boyhood friend and fellow Katipunero, Guillermo Masangkay, that the Supremo was hacked to death with bolos and bayonets. A farmer said he saw five men hacking a man in a hammock.”

On May 10, 1897, Emilio Aguinaldo’s men murdered the founder of the Katipunan. Patriot Apolinario Mabini described the assassination of Bonifacio as “the first triumph of personal ambition over true patriotism…”

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  1. to anyone who has an extensive research and can aptly defend our hero Andres Bonifacio. Please correct the entry in wikipedia as it seems all was written to glorify the bestial deeds of the Magdalo

  2. Dear Filipinos,
    Our old history books were manipulated by the Magdalo officers, with their leader Emilio Aguinaldo who was still a “living dog” at that time, while our true hero “Supremo Presidente” Andres Bonifacio was already a “dead lion”, who was betrated and killed by Aguinaldo’s men.
    For this reason, you surely have found our history puzzling and inconsistent, especiallly on the part of Bonifacio’s authority, leadership, and death.
    We know that most of the Magdalo officers were crooked, liars, and unprincipled, and so our history books were affected and being manipulated.
    For example, we read in our history books that Aguinaldo was the best general, and his Magdalo group were the victors, while Bonifacio and his men were lossers. That were absolutely false and lies.
    The Magdalos say that Bonifacio was poor, ignorant, violent, and an athiest, and that were all lies.
    The Magdalos said that Andres Bonifacio lost all his 27 battles. However, they do not like to mention that Bonifacio won at least 2-3 battles, in San Juan del Monte where they successfully launched “agaw-armas” killed some of the defenders, while the others fled for safety. Second was when they attacked the fortified San Mateo, they killed many Civil Guards, while the others fled and panic.
    The badly beaten Spanish soldiers sent a very large number of soldiers to retake San Mateo, and here Bonifacio and his men were forced to retreat.
    The Magdalo historians says that Bonifacio’s retreat at San Mateo was the end of his revolution. That was a lie. The truth is, Bonifacio was never defeated, he only retreated. The ending of the war clearly show the cowardice of the Magdalos, while Bonifacio’s “Morong Command” won brilliant and famous battles, at the “Battle of Pulang-Lupa” and “Battle of Paye” as the two most famous battles won by Bonifacio’s men.
    I challenge our youths and students to correct our history, which was altered and stained by traitors and liars. We must adopt “TRUTH” as our battle cry, to defend our true heroes, and reveal the traitors.
    This is all I can say even though my reaction here is out of date, some Filipinos may read it, and some may become historians to correct our history.
    “Fear History, for in it, we cannot hide our deeds”-Gregoria de Jesus-
    “Future generations shall rise, will reveal the true heroes, and condemn the traitors”-Supremo Andres Bonifacio-
    Sincerely Yours,
    the “lion-hearted”

  3. Mayroon ba kayong book sa mga tula ni rizal and his first drama , hindi ko kasi alam ‘to nag research kasi ako hindi ko nakoha.and the influence of the boyhood.


  4. heroes undergo image building.
    heroes are always heroes and never
    been flawed.
    heroes are made to incite
    the same way that vassili is made known
    to be a hero at the enemy at the gate.

  5. As far as I know there has been no “compilation” of “facts” that are beyond the textbooks. But Constantino’s A Past Revisited and The Continuing Past tell a lot which were not taught to us. The same goes for books by Teodoro Agoncillo. These materials are properly documented.

    I’d just like to point out something regarding the issue on Rizal being unable to cure his mother. According to Dr. Arturo Rotor, who was a medical doctor and was able to research on the case, Rizal’s cure for his mother was not effective because his mother was too negligent to follow his advice–not because he was an incompetent opthalmologist.

    While it is also true that Rizal had a classmate named Anson at the Ateneo who had better scholastic records, history now shows who was actually brighter. Scholastic achievement is not necessarily equivalent to intelligence, as the records of Edison and Einstein show.

    Many of the “untold truths” about Rizal are in need of proper documentation.

    Ambeth Ocampo did a better job on the subject of Bonifacio’s execution than on Rizal.

  6. nakalimutan ko na history ko kahit last sem ko lang kinuha ?…pero meron nangyari sa history (di ko sure kung si bonifacio ito) na pumunta sila sa isang place/barracks tapos nag-usap. tapos nung palabas sia sa binaril sha. (something like that, wala lang, naalala ko lang.) si bonifacio ba ito????

  7. hmm… surprising. stories behind the ‘known’ history fascinate me. kuya ederic, may alam ka bang book na parang compilation ng mga ganitong bagay? like halimbawa yung nabasa kong isang book na truths about Rizal. yung hindi naman niya na-cure yung nanay niya, etc.

  8. hmp. aguinaldo, my foot. naiinis ako sa kanya talaga. ung Comm2 final paper ko was ‘questioning emilio aguinaldo’s heroism’. man, todo research ako dun and un nga it just sucks how these facts go down to one big fact: powertrip talaga tong si aguinaldo. and syet how andres bonifacio had to suffer for that. then i think aguinaldo also had to do with the death of antonio luna. susme. muka pang pera! alam ko US paid him something like $400k to get the philippines, and then when aguinaldo was asked where is the money, sabi nya “it’s mine alone.” kabadtripan! anyways, happy mother’s day sa mami mo!!! Ingat chong!