100_0469The Bathala Caves will be featured tonight in GMA-7’s Born to Be Wild, which airs after Saksi.

Dr. Ferds Recio will explore the Bathala Caves, which are located in Barangay Ipil, Santa Cruz, Marinduque–the place where I grew up.

Below is the teaser for the show from GMANews.tv. I have also posted some of our pictures at the Bathala Caves during our 2005 vacation in Marinduque.

This Wednesday, Born to be Wild goes into the dark and the deep to encounter creatures rarely seen by humans.

Doc Ferds explores the mystical Bathala Cave in Marinduque Island which is home to huge python snakes. Deep inside the cave, he studies reptile behavior and discovers why these creatures chose this cavern as their shelter.

In a province long-exploited by mining activities, Bathala Cave remains one of the last few sanctuaries for wildlife.

Meanwhile, Romi goes deep into the sea to explore a marine protected area in Handumon, Bohol. Because of the community’s efforts, the area, once called a “cemetery” by the locals, now boasts of a diverse and colorful underwater world.

Even the rare seahorse finds shelter, thrives, and breeds in these rich waters.

Go deep into nature’s wonders with Born to be Wild this Wednesday, after Saksi.


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