Me and my Nokia 7110Other than my Treo 650, I also have a Nokia 7110. I use my it with my Globe SIM (yung 09173864686 number ko).

Nokia 7110 is my most favorite Nokia model of all time. I must have bought nearly a dozen 7110s in a span of seven years. I liked it because of its cool features — slide, chameleon color, wide screen, roller, calendar, 1000 contact slots that could hold several entries (phones, email, notes, and even postal address) for each name, among other features that you could read in this very old Nokia press release. It’s also the first phone that allowed users to connect to the Internet thru WAP.

I used to check my Yahoo Mail — there was no GMail yet during those times — and read WAP sites of local newspapers using my 7110. Of course this changed when I got my first MMS and GPRS phone, a Nokia 6600. When I lost the Nokia 6600, I used a Nokia 7110 again for several months until I bought my Treo 650.

I’ve been missing the Internet connectivity that the 7110 used to give me. So the other night, I tried searching for Globe’s WAP settings for old Nokia phones. I could not find any settings for the 7110, so I used the settings for one of the phones posted on Globe’s website. I thought it would work, because the phone actually dialed and tried to connect. However, I got a no response error.

Would any of you know of the correct settings? Or has Globe (and probaly Smart, too) already dropped WAP support for my old, handsome Nokia 7110?

Maybe I should call Globe’s customer service hotline tomorrow. :p