Yahoo! Mobile for iPhoneVoice search feature has just been added to the Yahoo! Mobile iPhone app.

The application — or the update, for those who already have the app on their iPhone — is available for download at the iTunes store.

Here’s an excerpt from Yodel Anecdotal, Yahoo’s corporate blog:

Now you can search for anything — flight numbers, restaurants, gas stations, web sites — by just moving your mouth. You can also customize your “My Interests” tab with your voice — just click on “add anything” and say the topic you want to explore and add to your page.

This makes iPhone the latest device to have OneSearch, Yahoo’s voice-enabled search, which is already available on more than 80 different devices including Blackberry, Nokia, and Windows Mobile phones.

Based on this list, Palm OS devices like Treo and Centro do not have this capability. But Treo 500, Treo 700w, 700wx, and Treo 750 — all running on Windows Mobile — does.

Last February, Yahoo! introduced Yahoo! Mobile, a starting point for the mobile internet, which has three components: the Yahoo! Mobile webpage, the iPhone app, and another application for other smartphones. Earlier this month, Yahoo! announced that it has decided to discontinue the app for non-iPhone smartphones.