While writing this post, I’m doing my first wireless sync ever.

All the Palm devices I used before had no Bluetooth connectivity, and I also didn’t have an IR adapter, so cable hotsync was the only way for me then.

When I got my Treo, I wanted to try syncing thru Bluetooth. I was planning to do it as soon as I got my Bluetooth dongle working on my PC. However, upon reading the instructions on Mapalad.org on how to share my PC’s Internet connection with my Treo the other night, I got so excited and temporarily forgot about wireless syncing.

Around an hour ago, I finally made the Bluetooth work on my PC, and I immediately followed the instructions for Internet sharing. However, I could not initiate a connection. While tweaking the Bluetooth setup, I saw the Hotsync setup, tried it, and got it to work.

Wireless syncing seemed slower–with close to a thousand AvantGo pages that had to be transferred to my Treo–but I like it better than doing it using the cable.

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