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More than six years after People Power 2, the nation awaits the verdict in the plunder trial of deposed President Joseph Estrada. Gone are the anti-Estrada sentiments and rallies. On the contrary, some of those who called for Estrada ouster want the jailed ex-president freed. But the youth leaders of EDSA 2 remain firm in their position that justice must be served.

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  1. hi gari. thanks for your reply. it actually shows how we run things here in the Philippines, eh?

    if i were to bring back time from the pre-impeachment scenarios, i would have wanted that second envelope opened then proceeded with the legal procedure (eg. hearing from prosecutors and defense). although what you stated above (process done) may be acceptable to the majority of the ABC citizens, most people won’t still understand how Filipinos can instantly oust a President by simply marching on the streets and holding rallies and protests. we’re simply amazing, parang SMART. lol.

  2. hi aajao,

    EDSA Dos is extra-legal and unconstitutional in the very first place since it is ‘mutiny’ by the armed forces of the philippines and the philippine national police. it is their withdrawal of support that ends erap regime. remember sen. ping lacson and energy secretary angie reyes, their public withdrawal (breaking the chain of command and their loyalty to the commander in chief) put an end to the spontaneous uprising of the people and that same reason that drove us to march to mendiola and urge the people to be vigilant with gloria and while marching to mendiola, davide (who is now ambassador to UN even if lauro baja performs well at UN as ambassador) legitimize his presidency by taking his oath of office as president and signing a piece of paper (judicial legislation) which saves us from constitutional crisis then while minority leader nene pimentel holds the microphone. and all of this things happened through political negotiations and i don’t think, it will be impossible that erap won’t be freed since he will be a precedent once the current ‘president ‘ steps down in 2010…that’s how immunity are given in this country: judicial legislation and political negotiation.


  3. it’s surprising. all philippine presidents (supposedly) were guilty of graft & corruption. some people who participated in EDSA DOS talks about justice and yet former president Estrada was convicted without due process. what happened to the “constitution-abiding” citizens of this country?

  4. Like I always say, let Erap be convicted if he is guilty and set free if not. We need accountability not amnesty. GMA should also be held accountable for the “mistakes” she committed.