Dear subscriber,

Thank you for signing-up to TextEmail, the only email-forwarding=
service that automatically sends your mail to your cell phone=2E

We have enclosed some information to help you make the best use=
of our service=2E Please find the time to read about our features=
and how it can help you stay connected to your mailbox=2E

Email address: [email protected]=2Ecom
Cellphone number: +63922xxxxxxx
Pop 3: pop=2Egawab=2Ecom


RECEIVING EMAIL=2E TextEmail automatically forwards new or un-read=
mail from your mailbox to your cell phone for only 2=2E00 per=
email=2E The email will appear as long SMS with at least 480=
characters of the actual email, including senders name, email=
date and time=2E To personalize your TextEmail service via The=
Mall is easy=2E You can set email daily limits and window hours=2E=
Plus, you can block or allow senders to control junk mail=2E

SENDING EMAIL=2E With TextEmail, you can also send a 160-character=
SMS message to any email address in the world via The Mall=2E A=
copy of what you send will also be sent to your mailbox for your=
reference=2E You can create GROUPS so that one SMS is sent to=
multiple email addresses=2E You can create NICKNAMES so you need=
not type an entire email address when you send an email=2E You=
simply type the nickname (eg=2E [email protected]=2Ecom=2Eph =3D=

DEFAULT SERVICE SETTINGS=2E These settings currently apply to your=

SERVICE: ON -Your service is now ON

EMAIL DAILY LIMIT: LOW – A maximum # of 5 email is sent to your=
phone per day

FILTER: BLOCK – Mail from users on this list will NOT be sent to=
your phone

WINDOW HOURS:OFFICE –Your service will work only from Mon-Fri,=

HOW TO PERSONALIZE=2E Go to >>> The Mall : Post Office : Messaging=
: Email : TextEmail : Personalize

You can change your settings anytime, either from our website=
www=2Etextemail=2Enet or using your=
cell phone via The Mall=2E

Service: ON/OFF

–To turn your service on /off

Daily Limit: LOW/MED/HIGH

–To set the max # of email that will be forwarded to your phone=2E=
LOW=3D5 per day, MED=3D10 per day, HIGH=3D20 per day

Block Sender: [email address]

–To block mail from the email address specified

Allow Sender: [email address]

–To allow mail from the email address specified


–To set your TextEmail service hours=2E OFFICE=3DM-F/8am-6pm,=
AFTER=3DM-F/6pm-12mn, OVERTIME=3DM-S/6am-12mn,=

Change Email: [email address]

–To update your email address

Change POP3: [pop3 name]

–To update your pop3 name

Create Nickname: [nickname] [email address]

–To assign a nickname to an email address

Create Group: [groupname] [email address(es)]

–To assign email address(es) to a group

Create Display Name: [firstname] [last name]

–To send us your first and last name=2E This will be your dispaly=
name when you send an email=2E

Ask Mail

–To check your mailbox for new mail, outside of our regular=
hourly checking cycle


–To get basic information about TextEmail

Help: [your question]

–To send customer support a question


We value your privacy and work hard to keep your personal=
information safe=2E Please read our TERMS OF SERVICE=
< > and PRIVACY=

For subscription info or technical assistance:=
[email protected]=2Enet < > For=
website feedback: [email protected]=2Enet=
< > For text support, go to The=
Mall, select HELP and input your question=2E


Suzette P=2E Naval

TextEmail Managing Director

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  1. sana padalhan nyo naman ako ng talumpating-panghikayat dahil kailangan ko talaga ito sa lalong madaling panahon at sana maikli lang dahil project namin ito at sana yong tagalog plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
    bukas na po kasi e…..!!!!!

  2. Sir, i need your help.kailangan ko po ng talumpati kasi po required ngayong prelim namin.Sir kailangan me kasing bumawi this midterm.Sir pwede po ba if kailang kailangan me this coming monday…..
    Hope you’ll understand thank you sir in advance….

  3. nasubukan ko na rin ito minsan. tinigil ko rin eventually. hassle, eh. Kaysa malaman kung anong email ang nandun pero di naman maka-reply, I’d rather NOT know what emails are in my mailbox, para no worries.

    but i’m still able to send e-mail from my phone if and when i need to send out.

    different strokes for different folks.


    ka edong

  4. Aba okay to ah. Dito ba sa atin to sa pinas? But isn’t this just another way to add more mess to our cluttered electronic lives? Hahaha. 🙂