Kompleto na ang COVID-19 Vaccine Shots Ko

Nakompleto ko na ang dalawang doses ng COVID-19 vaccine. Ikaw ba? Kung hindi pa, huwag nang mag-atubili. Magpaturok ka na!

Keep Calm and Use Your Common Sense

Common sense sa panahon ng pandemic

Binigyang-diin ng pandemya ang kakulangan ng common sense sa ating bayan.

Child abuse (Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay)

‘Protect children vs. online sexual exploitation’

The Child Rights Network urges the public to be vigilant against online sexual exploitation of children amid COVID-19.


NUSP: Conduct mass testing, contact tracing

The students' group says the Duterte administration should not just wait for the creation of a COVID-19 vaccine.

UN vs. COVID-19 misinformation

The United Nations is asking you to join the fight against coronavirus-related fake news.

‘Blood-soaked wet markets still open in PH, across Asia’

PETA says the World Health Organization is failing to shut down filthy operations where dogs, birds, and bats are butchered.