Mike Enriquez and Malou Mangahas in SA SALN TAPAT DAPAT special
Mike Enriquez and Malou Mangahas in SA SALN TAPAT DAPAT special (GMA Photo)

Is it a case of the pot calling the kettle black?

Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona is facing impeachment for, among others, his alleged failure to disclose his Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN).

Yet various media reports point out that most lawmakers who brought Corona to trial are themselves less than forthright in disclosing their personal wealth as the law requires.

GMA News TV, in its first anniversary special report probes how our government officials and employees comply with Republic Act 6713, the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees.

“Sa SALN… Tapat Dapat” reveals how lowly government employees meticulously list down their assets, including even simple items like rings and household appliances.

But this is not true for many high-ranking officials, as some of them even refuse to reveal how many cars they own. Even some members of Pres. Aquino’s cabinet, who are supposed to lead the nation in “Tuwid na Landas,” are sometimes remiss in fully disclosing their wealth.

And while accuracy and honesty are already lacking in many a high official’s SALN, there is also a problem with transparency. Access to this document, guaranteed by law, is often stymied. In this area, the Senate has always shown a more liberal bent, releasing SALNs more readily.

“Sa SALN… Tapat Dapat” also features students who requested copies of the SALNs of Supreme Court Justices and members of Congress. Will they succeed?

Hosted by Mike Enriquez, Malou Mangahas and Joseph Morong, “Sa SALN… Tapat Dapat” airs on Sunday, March 18, 8:40 P.M. on the leading news channel, GMA News TV.

Ederic Eder

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