From Erwin Oliva’s blog. Baka intresado kayong mag-apply. Sabihin n’yo na lang na nabasa ninyo sa blog ko ang tungkol sa opening:

Yahoo! Southeast Asia is looking for a news producer based in the Philippines. This candidate must have at least 5 years of experience in covering Philippine politics and other hard news-related topics, and must be web savvy and active in social networks. The candidate must also have an experience in commissioning content and managing a group of contributors. The candidate will report to the Yahoo! Southeast Asia country editor for the Philippines.

The News Producer reports to the Yahoo! Philippines country editor and generally runs the daily operations of the Yahoo! news property. The producer is expected to do the following:

1. Run the daily operations of the news property, which includes writing, editing, curating and publishing content from various sources

2. Develop “special coverage” sections under News and commission stories to contributors

3. Manage a group of bloggers and contributors

4. Manage and curate social content

5. Develop web-based “special events” targeting a younger audience

6. Onboard fresh, young-oriented content

Candidate must also be able to:

1. Work with a team of various interests

2. Make and own decisions

3. Network with younger audience and mentor younger contributors

4. Have fun at work

If you’re interested, send your CV to [email protected] or [email protected] and please include a cover letter stating your interest in this post. Also, please include links to sample of works (preferably online) and references.

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