August 28 update: The Malu Fernandez-OFW controversy/ From the Publisher of PEOPLE Magazine (published in the Philippine Star)

August 27 update: Malu Fernandez vs OFWs

August 24, 2007 update: Base sa mga balita sa Internet, lumalabas na galing nga kay Malu Fernandez ang pahayag na naka-post sa ibaba. Iniulat na rin ng at— at kanina, ng TV Patrol World–ang pagbibitiw at paghingi ng sorry ni Ms Fernandez.

Sana’y maraming natutunan mula sa usaping ito si Ms Fernandez at gayon din tayo. Ang kontrobersiyang ito’y naghatid ng aral sa paggalang, pagpapakumbaba, pagpapakatao at pakikipagkapwa-tao–at sana–pagpapatawad.

Pagkatapos kong mabasa ang kanyang pahayag, natuwa ako’t sa wakas ay nagpakumbaba siya. Sa pagkakataong ito, hindi na ako na-high blood.

Naka-post ang pahayag sa ibaba sa Ipinagtatanong ko pa kung talagang sa kanya nga ito galing.

Statement from Malu Fernandez on the OFW Controversy

I am humbled by the vehement and heated response provoked by my article entitled ‘From Boracay to Greece!’ which came out in the June 2007 issue of People Asia. To say that this article was not meant to malign, hurt or express prejudice against the OFWs now sounds hollow after reading through all the blogs from Filipinos all over the world. I am deeply apologetic for my insensitivity and the offensive manner in which this article was written, I hear you all and I am properly rebuked. It was truly not my intention to malign hurt or express prejudice against OFWs.

As the recent recipient and target of death threats, hate blogs, and deeply personal insults, I now truly understand the insidiousness of discrimination and prejudice disguised as humor. Our society is bound together by human chains of kindness and decency. I have failed to observe this and I am now reaping the consequences of my actions. It is my fervent hope that the lessons that Ive learned are not lost on all those who through anonymous blogs, engaged in bigotry, discrimination, and hatred ( against overweight individuals , for example )

I take full responsibility for my actions and my friends and family have nothing to do with this. To date I have submitted my resignation letters to both the Manila Standard and People Asia, on that note may this matter be laid to rest.

Ederic Eder

Filipino blogger

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  1. The apology of this hog-mash and useless woman was not enough, she has to be hanged-up and stoned until she lost her breath.

  2. grabe naman.. OFW ang mom ko at nasaktan ako sa sinabi niyang iyon.. Alam ko rin kung anong pakiramdam ng mga kagaya kong may kamag-anak na OFW sa pagbasa nito.. Magpasalamat na lang sana sya kase hindi na niya kelangan magtrabaho at magpakahirap sa ibang bansa hindi kagaya ng mga OFW na nilait niya. Funny pa yon ha? Tamaan sana siya ng kidlat!
    Isa pa lang yan sa mga Pilipinong lumalait ng kapwa nila pilipino? Pano pa kaya ang ibang pinoy na mapepera? Darating din ang panahon, babaliktad ang mundo.. Kagaya ni Malu, mararanasan niya kung anong feeling ng idiscriminate ng kapwa pilipino!

    Go to hell Malu!

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  4. i dont think u deserve to call as pig….kasi ang pig kahit stinky masarap kainin eh ikaw ur worst than a pig,u pray hard na wala ka makasabay na ofw,ang kapal ng mukha mo!! at para po sa masang pilipino kung makita nyo po si malu sa kahit saan parte ng mundo…pakitulak at batukan baka sakaling magising sa katotohanan para matutong makipagkapwa tao.

  5. Lam mo Lu, ang pag hingi ng tawad dapt ay taos puso…alam mo ba ibig sabihin nun? Di ba UP grad ka? gamitin mo talino mo (kung talino man yan nasa iyo).

    Kung mahilig ka sa laitan, sige, ilang taon kana nagtatrabaho? magkano ba sweldo mo? gaano mo katagal pinagiipunan ang pambili mo ng Jo Malone??

    Tutal wala ka na trabaho, sabihin mo lang regaluhan kita ng 100 kahon ng Jo Malone…yung orig ha…para di mag ‘vanish in thin air’….ipaligo mo para naman bumango bango ka….alam ko mahihirapan ka na makabili uli nun…

  6. naku wala ka ng trabaho malu….. gusto sana kita tulungan kaso bawal BABOY dito sa middle east….

    di ka naman pwede sa Bulacan, may peste mga Baboy dun…

    Alam ko na ! Gamitin mo yang english mo sa pag endorse ng PIGromix at Latigo 50!

  7. mga kababayan mag drive by shotting este spraying ng charlie at axe tayong lahat everytime na makita siya. Stalk her and spray her!!!

  8. bisaya ko nga OFW…PAK YOU . Baboy Fernandez!!! matagal ka na sigurong naglook down sa aming mga OFWs, e ano ngayon huli ka!!! ako pa sa iyo magbulletproof vest ka. pabasa mong lahat itong mga reactions sa iyong mga kamag-anakan.

  9. We’ll i hope we can forgive you,but next time be brave enough to know what your doing, stop deriding your country man.I have a post 4 you in full filipino (tagalog) version. I think if you read it you’ll cry because i deride you! But atleast you say sorry. Just be sincere ok. you have a lifetime to say that… Those magz must be responsible also. i think they wanted to advertise their magz/newpaper so they are using things like that. Well another Claire Danes was born( thats pathetic). Hopefully you will find a better job.

  10. I learned of the Malu Fernandez story only recently, hearing about it from my sister. I worked for several years offshore, so I know how deep the meaning of blood, sweat and tears is when one tries to eke out an honest living for his family. My blood hails from an educated pedigree, my father an ex-journalist, my mom a 40-year professor of english, my brothers and sister all successful businessmen and accomplished practicioners in their respective fields. Never did I imagine anyone from our circle to issue remarks like those of Ms. Fernandez. Crass, putrid, downright evil. And so, Malu, this I say to you: FUCK YOU, YOU SLIMEY ASSHOLE, AND MAY YOU ROT IN YOUR OWN PRIVATE HELL FOR ALL ETERNITY!!!

  11. that fat motherfucker bitch who like a rag faced asshole …she think that OFW’s are all what she think she is. but remember this bitched the things that make you blootted was eating a lot for your column that you made discriminately from us OFW’s. next time that you travel better take UPs, DHL or Fed Ex better for the warthogs like you…try to set foot again here in europe or anywhere else and insult you fellow as you describe yourself as a DIVA like for such pig as you…your family raise you better and feed you better with good hog mass and compliments to your family asshole…….

  12. Hi. The email was just forwarded to me and oh my God.. She doesn’t know what she is doing!! There are too much of bad and foul words sent to her but have we thought of blaming the publisher?? People Asia should be reprimanded for this, if not for them,the article of Malu Fernandez will not be published.. Malu should not just do a public apology but something to make things turn out right!!

    My father is an OFW, even if he is not based in Middle East, still he is far from us.. working all day and all night. Sweating a lot and sacrificing the pain of being away from us. He is doing that to support everyone in the family and Malu, just so you know my father also stinks.. He stinks with great heart and a loving father in him.

    In few months time,I will be one of the OFW working for my family, for the country and for myself.. I will also stink, and ride the economy class section of the plane.. But guess what Malu.. I will remain a Filipino and die like a Filipino. Go to church and ask forgiveness from him,. The one who created you. God Bless you Ms. Fernandez.

  13. I was an OFW before. I felt sad and hatred when I read the article. I even cried with what frequency_99 posted on this forum. She doesn’t know nor has learned anything. She was a meany and so wicked. She will never change. No one can change overnight. This is useless; I don’t think that there is a need for me to mock Malu Fernandez, doing so would make me as the same level as she is. Gayunpaman, wala ng tataas pa sa level ng Pinoy, iba tayo. Pinoy ako, Pinoy tayo…. 🙂 Mabuhay ang mga OFW sa buong mundo, Mabuhay ang mga Pilipino!