Ang Pinoy, kapag nabastos…

Kilala tayong mga Pinoy dahil sa pagiging maasikaso sa mga bisitang dayuhan. Pero paano kapag ang dayuhan ang iba ang trato sa atin sa mismong bayan natin? Siyempre nakakapikon. Ganyan ang reaction ng mga taga-PinoyExchange sa kuwento ng isang PExer ang nagrereklamong sinungitan daw ng isang Italyanong restaurant owner sa Boracay.

Kung gusto ninyong basahin, narito ang discussion thread sa PinoyExchange. Salamat kay aajao, na nagbahagi ng link.

3 thoughts on “Ang Pinoy, kapag nabastos…

  1. Hinay-hinay lang sa pag ju-judge sa foreigner na yan. Once nakabasa ako ng article sa Korea na “In the Philippines, you can be deported for merely shouting at Filipinos”. Apparently, a Korean was out golfing and encountered a politician. They got into an argument and the Korean shouted at this politician. Next thing, he was mulled and then deported back to Korea. Back in his home country, he wrote newspapers telling them of his ordeal in the Philippines and said he will never return to the country for he had enough of the Filipinos.

    In the first place, even if a person is a “foreigner” in another country, that doesn’t mean that he cannot get mad and he cannot get into fights, but it also doesn’t mean he is being racist against Filipinos. In the case of the Italian in that restaurant, his comment about Filipinos being “kuripot” was uncalled for, but try to understand where he is coming from. People come up with stereotypes based on one’s personal experiences with a group of people, so maybe he didn’t have good experiences dealing with Filipino customers. Just something to think about.

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