Statement of the President: On dismissal of impeachment complaint

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The Filipino people mark a glorious day in history, when instead of forcing a President out of office through people power, they chose to keep a President through voting in the halls of Constitutional Democracy.

This is a grand display of political maturity that seals our stability and resilience as a nation battling the vagaries of a challenging age, and poised for takeoff.

I thank my allies in the administration for their faith in my leadership and in the good future of our country.

The opposition put up a good fight and I now offer my hand in reconciliation for the national interest.

I am grateful to my family who quietly stood by my side, and most of all to the Filipino people, here and in four corners of this earth, who have stayed the course of responsible democracy.

Let us move on to a brighter tomorrow with the grace of God, ever grateful for His guidance and His blessings. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas.

Larawan at teksto mula sa Office of the Press Secretary.