NexPage — which claims to be the world’s first translated nonfiction book summary mobile application — has launched in the Philippines.

The app produces high-quality summaries of the best nonfiction books from around the world and delivers them in the readers’ native language. It distills the best insights and key points from each book and condenses them into a 15-minute read. NexPage also offers audio versions of its book summaries.

The Singapore-based start-up behind the app said it aims to provide Filipinos with “greater accessibility to books, knowledge, and learning opportunities, so as to raise literacy and bolster education in the country.” NexPage’s end-goal, it said, “is to improve literacy of Filipinos, so that they have more opportunities to ascend the socio-economic ladder to earn a better income and live a better life.”

Urgent need for change in education

Nexpage mobile app

As it announced the app’s launch, NexPage cited Philippine Business for Education’s “State of Philippine Education Report 2023,” which stressed the “urgent need for transformative change in the country’s education system” and reiterated the following statistics:

  • 9 out of 10 children aged 10 years old were unable to read simple texts, according to World Bank.
  • In 2019, while 82.4% of Filipinos aged 25 and over have reported completing primary education, completion rate for secondary education drops significantly to 30.5% for the said cohort. Completion rate for a bachelor’s or equivalent degree decreases even further to 24.4%.
  • Only 19% achieved the minimum proficiency level of overall reading literacy.

The report identified priority areas that need to be pursued to address the crisis: education governance, teacher quality, data assessment, per student spending, early childhood care and development, government-industry-academia collaboration, public-private complementarity, automatic mass promotion, and students’ well-being.

For its part, NexPage pointed out some factors that contribute to the crisis in education and impact Filipinos’ opportunities. These factors include resource and financial challenges, impact of COVID-19 pandemic, and rising unemployment rate.

NexPage also cited World Literacy Foundation’s “The Economic Cost and Social Impact of Illiteracy Report 2022.” The report pegged the economic impact of illiteracy in the Philippines at $4.72 billion per year. In local currency, that’s around P264 billion at current exchange rates.

The start-up said with its app, content, and services, it can do good for society and help improve people’s lives. “At NexPage, we believe that education and knowledge can change the world. Education leads to economic, social and cultural development, while knowledge opens up more job opportunities and can enhance the quality of life.”

English content for Filipinos for now

NexPage also emphasized everyone should have the opportunity to gain knowledge wherever they are and whatever language they speak. “We envision a world in which someone in the United States can get key ideas in English from a book originally written in Tagalog, and someone in the Philippines can get key ideas from a book originally written in English, Chinese, or even Korean.”

Tan Zhi Rong, CEO of NexPage, said with the Philippines ranking as second highest in English proficiency in Southeast Asia, their English content will appeal to Filipino readers. “Our book summaries are perfect for delivering key insights in minutes, saving time and money for the user. With greater knowledge and self-development opportunities, we can help improve the employability and income of Filipinos,” Rong said.

The NexPage mobile app already has content in Bahasa Indonesia. It also plans to launch content in Tagalog and is looking to work with local governments, schools, non-profit organizations, and other partners.

NexPage mobile app has more than 20 categories

The app offers over 20 categories of book titles. It has summaries of books on business management, technology, finance, and science. International bestsellers, personal development, health and wellness, and parenting are also among the categories.

It uses artificial intelligence technology to identify and recommend titles that a reader may be interested in. It also has a day and night reading mode and a number of customization options. Users may also highlight, annotate, and save their favorite quotes.

NexPage’s premium subscription costs P149 a month or P1,490 per year. It offers a seven-day free trial, which can be canceled before the paid subscription begins.

The NexPage mobile app is available for both iOS and Android devices. Download the app here: