Here are the latest additions to Prime Video Philippines’ content library this June 2023:

‘Baby Boy Baby Girl’

A failed startup businesswoman who struggles financially discovers that his ex-boyfriend earns handsomely through sugar dating. She asks him to groom her for the job. This romantic comedy stars Marco Gumabao and Kylie Versoza. It is directed by “100 Tula Para Kay Stella” director Jason Paul Laxamana.

“Baby Boy Baby Girl” streams on Prime Video starting today, June 15.

‘About Us But Not About Us’

Eric, a literature professor at the English Department of the University of the Philippines, meets up with his student and rumored lover, Lancelot, months after the suicide of Marcus, a celebrated Filipino writer best known for his novels in English, and Eric’s longtime partner. As their conversation becomes more detailed and complicated, secrets and lies will be unearthed and the sinister nature of their identities will be revealed while they all wrestle with the truth.

“About Us But Not About Us,” starring Romnick Sarmenta and Elijah Canlas, will stream on Prime Video starting June 22. This award-winning film is directed by “Die Beautiful” director Jun Lana.


Ok Taec-yeon and Won Ji-an in "HeartBeat"
Ok Taec-yeon and Won Ji-an in “HeartBeat” Credit: Prime Video

Vampire U-hyeol has one desperate wish: to become human and experience heart-pounding love. He tried many ways to become human, but none of them worked. After hearing from a 1,000-year-old cat that he can become human if he sleeps in a coffin made from a hawthorn tree for 100 years, he enters the coffin for a lengthy slumber. However, with only one day left in his 100-year goal, a cold-blooded woman named Joo In-hae wakes him up. She had inherited the old mansion where U-hyeol was sleeping which results in a peculiar cohabitation.

Watch out for “HeartBeat,” a new fantasy K-drama starring Ok Taec-yeon, Won Ji-an, Park Kang-hyun, and Yoon So-hui. It will stream on Prime Video this June 26.

‘Lies Hidden in My Garden’

"Lies Hidden in My Garden"

A doctor husband, a smart and handsome son, and an affluent family. Joo-ran’s family moves into the “perfect house” that everyone dreams of. Joo-ran lives in this happy family, enjoying her happiness as a perfect wife, housewife, and mother. The only thing that bothers her is the smell from the yard. Joo-ran’s husband dismisses it as a manure smell that will soon disappear, but it is hard to erase from her mind like an oil stain on a pretty watercolor painting. This anxiety, which seemed insignificant, grows little by little, and her husband’s actions, which once seemed perfect, start to feel suspicious one by one.

This K-drama based on a novel of the same name by Kim Jin-young stars Kim Tae-hee, Lim Ji-yeon, Kim Sung-oh, and Choi Jae-rim. “Lies Hidden in My Garden” will be available on Prime Video on June 19.

‘Culpa Mia’/’My Fault’

Noah has to leave her town, boyfriend and friends behind and move into the mansion of William Leister, her mother’s new rich husband. Seventeen years old, proud and independent, Noah resists living in a mansion surrounded by luxury. There, she meets Nick, her new stepbrother, and the clash of their strong personalities becomes evident from the very beginning. Noah soon discovers that behind the image of a model son, Nick hides a life of fighting, gambling and illegal car racing — exactly what she has always run away from.

Despite the abyss between them, both begin to feel an irresistible attraction that will soon turn into pure fire and unbridled passion. Neither the ongoing rivalry, nor the opposition of those around them can prevent them from falling secretly and madly in love. But Nick’s turbulent present and Noah’s stormy past will put to a test both their lives and their forbidden love.

“My Fault,” a Spanish romance film directed by Domingo Gonzalez, is based on the Wattpad story of Mercedes Ron. It is now streaming on Prime Video.


To save his younger brother from a dangerous cartel in Medellín, Reda has a plan that is as simple as it is completely insane: Assemble a team and plan a raid in Colombia. But this crazy adventure will spiral out of control when he decides to kidnap the cartel leader’s son in order to exchange him for his brother’s life.

“Medellin” is an action comedy film by Franck Gastambide. It stars Gastambide, Ramzy Bedia, Anouar Toubali, Brahim Bouhlel, Raymond Cruz, and Essined Apontenow. It is now available on Prime Video.

‘Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan’ Season 4

The fourth and final season of “Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan” finds the titular character on his most dangerous mission yet: facing an enemy both foreign and domestic. As the new CIA Acting Deputy Director, Jack Ryan is tasked with unearthing internal corruption, and in doing so, uncovers a series of suspicious black ops that could expose the vulnerability of the country. As Jack and the team investigate how deep the corruption runs, he discovers a far-worse reality—the convergence of a drug cartel with a terrorist organization—ultimately revealing a conspiracy much closer to home and testing our hero’s belief in the system he has always fought to protect.

John Krasinski plays the title role in this series, which will start streaming on Prime Video on June 30. It also stars Wendell Pierce as James Greer, Michael Kelly as Mike November, and Betty Gabriel as CIA Acting Director Elizabeth Wright, with Abbie Cornish returning as Cathy Mueller. Joining the cast this season are Michael Peña as Domingo Chavez and Louis Ozawa as Chao Fah.