I woke up to the news that Netflix is now available in the Philippines. I wondered if the app was already available on our LG webOS TV. When I opened the LG Content Store, I saw that Netflix was prominently displayed.

Meanwhile, “Netflix and chill” was trending on Twitter, and tech sites were reporting that Netflix and LG formed a partnership to bring the service to the rest of the world.

Netflix, an online streaming video service, allows netizens to watch unlimited number of movies and television shows on their TV, laptop, phone, or tablet for a flat fee.

In the Philippines, Netflix’s rates start at P370 a month. This basic plan lets users watch videos on standard definition on one device. Standard plan, which costs P460 per month, offers high definition videos and allows users to watch on two screens at the same time. Those who want to watch ultra-HD videos on four screens may subscribe to the premium plan at P550 per month.

The service is free for the first month, and subscribers may cancel any time. Payment is via credit card. I signed up to take advantage of the one-month trial. I used my Unionbank EON account, which worked without any problem.

I will tell you later about my Netflix experience on our LG webOS TV.