Namimigay ng Gmail invites

Hindi ko na malaman kung kanino ipamimigay ang Gmail invites ko. Andami kasi. Laging nababalik sa 50 kapag binabawasan ko. Kaya ibabahagi ko naman sa mga mambabasa kong wala pang Gmail address.

Just post a comment below and I’ll send you an invitation to create a Gmail account.

297 thoughts on “Namimigay ng Gmail invites

  1. problema na ng lahat ng gmail users ito, andami dami na… bakit di na lang kasi gawin ng gmail na lagyan ng registration link sa frontpage ng gmail para wala nang problema… or.. kung sabagay, iniiwasan din nila ang mga robot spammers na pwedeng mag register kapag nasa frontpage ytung registration link… tiisin na lang natin…

  2. hallo. oo nga masyadong madami ang ibinibigay na free invites, dapat i-open na nila yun. hehe, btw may gusto lang sana akong itanong. Anong userid nung C-an Lucas Reyes? Kasi gusto ko lang sanang siguraduhin kung siya yung kakilala ko dating-dati pa. hehe, kung maaari lang po sana.

    Magandang Hapon. 🙂

  3. Joachim: Siguro nga, mas mabuti nang ganito. Andami namang namimigay at may mga naghahanap pa rin. 🙂

    Jen: Username po n C-an saan?

    Roni_bats: Ikumusta mo na lang ako sa mga kababayan ko? Bakit sa amin ang napili ninyo? 🙂

  4. tol, may nakita akong website na nilagyan niya ng get a gmail invite image link sa sidebar niya… and umabot yata ng mga 304 yung comments niya… gawin kaya natin yung ganon???
    o diba… mas marami tayong mabibigyan ng ganon?

  5. i would greatly appreciate it if you could be kind enough to give a friendly stranger as myself a gmail invite. Best wishes

  6. hey thanks for the offer…hopefully you still have accounts because i would really like to try it out

  7. Hey,

    What’s up? I came across your post and I heard you were giving out free invites. I really need one because its good for professional e-mail such messages to and from your place of work or school. If you send one (send to of your invites if they are any available, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your offers to others, you are a very good person for providing people things that are very hard to get elsewhere.

  8. hello,

    my friends haven’t had the chance to invite me to gmail yet! can you please please send me an invitation? i really need an email account because my current one will expire soon. thanks


  9. omg, I would like GMAIL SO BAD! my friend just got it but he dont know crap. if i had it i could help him out. or u can help me figure out how u can send me an invite…. if u can send me one tho, that would be GREAT! -thx

  10. PLEASEEEEEEEE i would like to be invited for a g mail account. Mujhe iski bahuth jaroorath hai . Thanks a lot for your kindness.
    — ))
    (see sidewards).

  11. Hi there, how are you? Well I would love to have an invite for gmail. I’ve been searching for a while and hopefully my search ends with you. Have a wonderful day and take care. 🙂 Thanks!

  12. Matagal na akong naghihintay na mag-open ng gmail account. Can you please send me a gmail invite?

  13. Thank you in advance for a gmail account invitation.

    If you don’t have anymore available then thankyou

    Poverty must go and all must prosper!

  14. Pray that mankind will learn to tolerate the differences that we share…Please send me an Gmail account…thanks in advance

  15. Pleeeeez!!! Just a small, symbolic, tiny invite…just for me!
    Thank you! Your help will be appreciated (one way or another).

  16. Hello there, I’d really appreciate it if you could tell me how I can get a Gmail account,

    Many thanks,


  17. Hi! Big Guy:

    Hope you have an extra gmail invitation. I deeply appreciate your
    generous invitation inadvance.



  18. Hey! If you have any left, I would be thankful for a Gmail invite.
    If none left, have a great day anyway!

  19. This is so cool of you to send invites. I’m just wanting a new account where I can start email all over. You still have invites to spare? Thanks!

  20. I have heard great things about Gmail and I would appreciate an invite. Could you see if you can get me one.

    Many Thanks


  21. if there r any invites left, plz send me 1, im desperate for 1, yahoo isnt working perfectly and hotmail just sucks on my comp. for some reason. plz help. email @ i will greatly apprecite you and the invite.

  22. Hello,

    Thanks for having a site to share your gmail invites. Please let me know if you have any invitations available to share. Would greatly appreciate it!

    Thank you!

  23. i saw your link after searching extensively for how to open a Gmail account.

    I am new to the Mozilla browser and found it very interesting, i previously have been using Microsoft Internet Explorer.

    Kindly send me an Invite so that I can also open a Gmail account.

    thanks so much!

  24. I see that im one of the last people who have read this. Nevertheless,I hope I get an invite too.. =) I would really appreciate it! Thanks a lot!

  25. I see that im one of the last people who have read this. Nevertheless,I hope I get an invite too.. =) I would really appreciate it! Thanks a lot

  26. Hi Ederic

    Been trying to get my hands on a gmail account for a while. Would appreciate any help on getting one invitation. Thanks…

  27. So I went into the Health shop the other day and the shop assistant said
    “Evening Primrose Oil?” I said thats Matt to you.
    He said “Soya Chunks?” I said you shouldnt have been looking
    He said “Cellulite?” I said how much do you want for it?


    Can I have A G-Mail Account Please.?

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