My web host was down the whole day yesterday. I felt bad to find out my site visitors — are there any? — were unable to access my site after I spent a big part of my weekend on it. Good thing it’s now running again. However, My PC was attacked by a not-so-harmful virus. It just bugs me from time to time while I am using my PC. I’m still working on how to get it out of my system. Probably it’s a sign from CyberSpace that I’ve been ignoring the pains on my back and shoulders caused by lenghty hours spent in front of my PC.

By the way, the ARMM election was generally peaceful, according to COMELEC. Peaceful, however, is not exactly the right term to describe the current situation in some areas in Mindanao right now. Read the news and find out why.

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  1. kasi naman ayaw magpahinga. Newei palala ng palala ang bills ko sa net, pasama ng pasama ang grade ko sa math, at pati ang kondisyon ng mundo, gwabe. sobra. newei ill be spending a part of my christmas vac. sa SUbic. no gusto niyong pasalubs? wala lang ^^