Photo from Film.comFunny how many netizens can be very gullible that they easily believe and take as truth even satirical jokes on the Internet. In one of the forums that I regularly visit, I was alarmed after reading a post quoting an e-mail supposedly from an American Christian organization that warns parents of Harry Potter’s effect to children. Part of the e-mail reads:

And here is dear Ashley, a 9 year old, the typical average age reader of Harry Potter: “I used to believe in what they taught us at Sunday School,” said Ashley, conjuring up an ancient spell to summon Cerebus, the three-headed hound of hell. “But the Harry Potter books showed me that magic is real, something I can learn and use right now, and that the Bible is nothing but Boring lies.”

The e-mail also quoted J.K. Rowling as saying Jesus is “weak and idiotic”:

“I think it’s absolute rubbish to protest children’s books on the grounds that they are luring children to Satan,” Rowling told a London Times reporter in a July 17, 2000 interview. “People should be praising them for that! These books guide children to an understanding that the weak, idiotic Son Of God is a living hoax who will be humiliated when the rain of fire comes, while we, his faithful servants, laugh and cavort in victory.”

I searched Google using some of the exact phrases in the quotation and do you know what I found out? The e-mail used as a basis for its claims this article from The Onion, a satirical website. According The Onion site, it “uses invented names in all its stories, except in cases when public figures are being satirized. Any other use of real names is accidental and coincidental.”

For more “urban legends” like this Harry Potter thing, visit

I have a new book!
This afternoon, I bought a copy of J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Fellowship of the Ring,” the first book in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Huli na ko sa balita, ano?

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  1. Doing some browsing and noticed your website appears a bit messed up in my K-meleon internet browser. But fortunately hardly anyone uses it any longer but you may want to look into it.

  2. This is a common affliction of some readers, i’m sorry to say… People hardly know how to draw the line between fact and fiction. For those who say that Harry Potter books are evil, well, they obviously haven’t read it or they just don’t understand english. J.K.R’s books promote love, faith and hope which borders on friendship… And if my memory serves me right, these values are what Jesus has been preaching about… My advice? Go buy the book, a pocket dictionary and read it!

  3. Thanks for visiting my site. 🙂

    Here’s my reply to those who insist that Harry Potter is Evil :

    How could Harry Potter’s story be against God when it teaches the greatness
    of love? Remember how Harry was saved from his nemesis because of the power
    his mother’s love for him?

    How can it be against God when it teaches us the value of humility?

    Harry Potter isn’t evil. It’s a work of fiction, for God’s sake! 🙂

    Please reread my post.


  4. I agree with the person above. This is stupid. Harry Potter is not luring people towards Satan. There’s a whole good and evil battle. Just because it consists of magic doesn’t mean it’s bad. Please…
    And Crucius, just so you know.

  5. Oh God, you people make me laugh. I’m an Athiest, Note, it was NOT Harry Potter that made me an Athiest, I became an Athiest becuase I don’t beleave in God at all. People, J.K. Rowling isn’t trying to start an evil reign of Satanism. She wishes she didn’t sign the contract that lets Warner Bros. Own it. They made all the horrible toys and candies and stuff. J.K.R. is a Christian and beleave’s in God. She doesn’t even beleave in magic! People, I don’t read Harry Potter so I can learn to do magic, I read it because it’s great. I don’t think ” Hmm, maybe I’ll use the Cruacius (Sp?) Curse on my mom.” I think ” Oh my god, Sirus almost got caught! Hehe, Harry isn’t a good dater is he? OMG, MAD-EYE IS CROUCH!”

    Have you people even READ the book? I doubt it. And please don’t say you’ve seen the movie, the movie sucks, the book rules.

  6. The only reason I ever read the books was because I heard some TV evangelist stating that Harry Potter says “Jesus Christ died because he’s weak”. So, naturally, I read the books to see if this is true. Of course, I never found any quotes that remotely sound like that. I also checked out the Church of Satan website and there is no evidence they even care about Harry Potter (check the Urban Legend websites and you’ll find a thing or two about those so-called quotes!).

    I did, however, find a Bible study based on the Harry Potter books. Instead of purchasing books she doesn’t agree with, throwing them into a fire, teaching her children to be wasteful and that she has more important things to do instead of spend time with them, this mom is reading the books *gasp* WITH her children and helping them learn something from them. Those kids are getting in great bonding time with Mom and learning to relate their faith to pop culture all at the same time.

    If everything is “for the sake of the Children”, then lets stop wasting our time and resources burning books, stop listening to rumors (thou shalt not bear false witness!), and stop getting on high horses about which religion is good for everyone. Research things as best you can and tell the children why we think something is good or bad and back it up with evidence of your own behavior! If you raise them right, give them morals and values, they will follow the right path, regardless of the books they read. God reads hearts, not fiction.

  7. When Moses went to the king to free God’s people, he turned his staff into a snake… pharoh called his magicians to him and they did the same, however, Moses’s snake ate theirs. Which brings me to my point, God didn’t put JKR on this earth to poison the minds of children. In fact, though her books she has boosted children’s desire to read. Have you ever paused to think about the positive benifits of her work? How it talks about loyalty and respect? It hasn’t once mentioned bibles, not one god is present, nor does it deny the presence of a god. If you’re going to attack literature, attack the market of pornography and murder, the things the bible says are wrong… don’t attack storytelling. I dare you to actually read the books. Get a good perspective of what it actually is, and if you do this with an open mind, you’ll find there is noting wrong with it at all.

  8. I remember a couple of years ago when Donny and Marie were on the air they interviewed J.k Rowling and she said that the book had a darkside. Now a few years later she’s saying that she believes in god. If she believed in god don’t you think she would think that this is against god and she should stop doing this.

  9. Talaga namang ang Harry Potter is really evil.If the author of it…kung hindi siya maborn-again…she will go to hell.

    Go to this website:
    to find out more about this evil Harry Potter.
    Harry Potter is a occult.

  10. Hello, I agree with you!! I believe that harry potter is pure evil!! And these are GODS children, they are not satans!!! What harry potter is doing to people, is that it is blinding thier eyes. Just like the serpent did the eve to make her eat the fruit!!! People please, don’t eat it!! See what lurks behind those evil pages!! evil, GOD hates harry potter. O and for those who disagree with me read Proverbs 17:15 that should tell you a thing or two!! God bless!! Keep up the good fight!!

  11. Di lang ikaw ang huli sa balita, Pare. Ako nga’y kamakailan lang bumili ng ALICE’S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND. Nabasa ko kasi sa isang magasin na may pagkaalegorikal daw ang nobelang ito, parang yaong THE LITTLE PRINCE.