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  1. uh, the only stuff you’ll be able to read that i did is boring, medical stuff. am blogless, and i can’t summon enough strength to start one. i do serious bloghopping, though, and when i’m in the mood, i trollbait in certain mailing lists meant for weirdoids like me. see you around, dood.

  2. vince: ngeks, wala palang nakarating sa mendiola no? yung mga pro-gloria ba? hehe.

    jin paul: heheh. no permanent address kasi ako. musta? san kita mababasa?

  3. : finally found yer blog, after repeatedly getting nothing at, and then doing some googling. will be around here a lot, creepily lurking, reading stuff that you come up with.

  4. Hi. Ayan, new URL ka na pala. Ma-update ko na link mo sa blog ko. Anyway, ano ang ARRAY? It says required eh. So, nilagay ko I DON’T KNOW! Ingat and God Bless.