Impeach Her! (2)

Oo, si Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo!

‘Yan na ang panawagan ng iginagalang na kolumnistang si Conrado de Quiros ng Philippine Daily Inquirer, dahil sa marubdob na pagsuporta ni Macapagal sa giyera ng US laban sa Iraq.

Bagama’t nagli-lip service sa “pagsuporta sa UN process” at “world peace,” todo-todo pa rin ang suporta ni Macapagal sa posisyon ng US. Matapos ang presentasyon ni US Secretary of State Colin Powell ng umano’y mga ebidensya laban sa Iraq noong Miyerkoles, kaagad ipinahayag ni Macapagal na ang kanyang pagkakumbinsi, habang ang mga iskolar ay nagsabing kaduda-duda at outdated na ang mga impormasyon ni Powell.

Mapanganib at labag sa diwa ng People Power 2 ang posisyon ni Macapagal sa usaping ito, ayon kay de Quiros sa kanyang kolum noong .

“The danger is grave and imminent, and it is not coming from any terrorist, real or imagined, it is coming from the President, full blown and frightening. You do not have to go far to see how her position thwarts the spirit of Edsa. She has gone against the will of everyone who contributed to Edsa II. That includes the activists and NGOs, who fought the tyranny from the start; the congressmen who turned prosecutors in the impeachment trial and faced up to great odds to defend justice; the senators who listened with an open mind and had the courage to stand by their beliefs; Jaime Cardinal Sin and Corazon Aquino, who helped gather the legions to Edsa; the men and women of this country who made immense sacrifices to get a crack at a better future.

“They are all calling on the world to heed the United Nations rather than the United States. Gloria is not.”

Binanggit din ni de Quiros na habang sina Teofisto Guingona, Jr. at Raul Roco, na kapwa mga haligi ng People Power 2 ay nagsalita na laban sa giyera, nananatiling bingi sa kanilang panawagan si Macapagal.

“She says she is convinced by the case Bush, or Colin Powell, has put forward. So? If Bush, or Powell, said the earth was flat, she would find compelling evidence to believe it as well. No, more than that, she would take it as gospel truth, a proposition wrapped in ironclad proof, and preach it to a disbelieving world.”

Dagdag pa niya: “Gloria doesn’t heed the voice of reason, and fast, there is only one thing to do: Impeach her.”

Ang buong kolum ni de Quiros ay nasa

4 thoughts on “Impeach Her! (2)

  1. De Quiros is one of the many courageous mainstream journalists voicing their opposition to the US plan to send more troops to our country. Teddy Benigno of Philstar is also one. And I agree with De Quiros that it is time to mobilize to get rid of this “Puta Ng Bayan”. She is now trying to circumvent our Constitution to allow her Masters in Washington to do as they will on our very soil. This woman is beyond appaling. Please ask others to join the opposition to her plans. This cannot be allowed to happen. Our people have suffered for so long with false messiahs like Macapagal. Our people need to be protected from subservient cowards like her, Blas Ople, Golez and her government of corrupt advisers and elites.

  2. ang pakiramdam kasi ni gloria, isa tayong napakalakas na ka-alyado ng estados unidos. na kapag todo suporta tayo parang ang laki ng magagawa… hindi ba niya naisip na para lang tayong langaw na nakapatong sa kalabaw? TANGGALIN NA SIYA! HUWAG NA PAABUTIN ANG 2004 ELECTIONS!

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