Google Talk

Just learned from Markku’s site that Google now has its own messenger called Google Talk. Of course, I excitedly downloaded it and immediately invited my friends.

Here’s my first conversation:

Here are mentions and reviews of Google Talk on other blogs around the world:

Just tested Google Talk: neat, still a bit basic, more open and as clear as Skype…

Google Talk needs some work

Google Talk live!

Google Talk Has Been Released

Google Talk, the next best IM?

Google Talk: We have liftoff!

6 thoughts on “Google Talk

  1. I need someone to talk to using Google Talk. If you have a few minutes so I can test it out, I would appreciate it very much.

    (One friend couldn’t log on to gmail and another’s microphone worked for about 2 seconds.)



  2. Google Talk has a great UI, though it’s perhaps not meant to compete with the current offerings, Yahoo! or MSN or AOL. Love it. I added only a few people in it so it can be used strictly for work 😉

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