I used to have Google Desktop on both my home and office PCs. However, I had to remove it on my office PC because it made my super duper slow computer even slower. As for my home PC, it lost the Google Desktop application when I jumped out of Windows and switched to Ubuntu Linux. I forgot about it until last night.

While looking for a text message (SMS) manager program like TreoDesktop and DesktopSync for funSMS that would work on Linux (found none–sms2pdb and Wammu weren’t exactly what I was looking for), I chanced upon a 2006 The Register article about Google creating a Linux version of Google Desktop.

I checked out the Google Desktop site and I was automatically redirected to the download page for Linux. Below the download icon is the message “New: Support for 64-bit Linux”. That’s good news because my computer has a 64-bit architecture. I’m not sure though, as to how new is this news.

While were were watching the Amazing Race Asia last night, I finished the Google Desktop download. I then installed it just this morning. It has now indexed 1,704 items so far.

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