I used to have Google Desktop on both my home and office PCs. However, I had to remove it on my office PC because it made my super duper slow computer even slower. As for my home PC, it lost the Google Desktop application when I jumped out of Windows and switched to Ubuntu Linux. I forgot about it until last night.

While looking for a text message (SMS) manager program like TreoDesktop and DesktopSync for funSMS that would work on Linux (found none–sms2pdb and Wammu weren’t exactly what I was looking for), I chanced upon a 2006 The Register article about Google creating a Linux version of Google Desktop.

I checked out the Google Desktop site and I was automatically redirected to the download page for Linux. Below the download icon is the message “New: Support for 64-bit Linux”. That’s good news because my computer has a 64-bit architecture. I’m not sure though, as to how new is this news.

While were were watching the Amazing Race Asia last night, I finished the Google Desktop download. I then installed it just this morning. It has now indexed 1,704 items so far.

Ederic Eder

Ederic is a Filipino communications worker in the telecom, media, and technology industry. He writes about K-dramas and Korean celebrities for Hallyudorama.

He used to be a social media manager for news at GMA Network, where he also headed YouScoop, GMA News and Public Affairs’ citizen journalism arm.

He was with Yahoo! Philippines for more than three years before returning to GMA Network, where he was also previously part of the News Research section.

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