Jan 29 update: In a text chat with MakaPalm, the Product Manager for Palm Philippines hinted that two new Palm devices may be launched here soon.

Discussions at Mapalad.org, the country’s Palm users group, earlier mentioned that
Gerald Senolos, the local Palm guy here, will attend Mapalad’s eyeball in Makati tonight to answer queries about the Palm Centro, which has not been launched in the Philippines yet.

“I’ll try to bring a surprise…,” Senolos said. “Di ko sure if madala ko two models,” he added.

In a discussion thread entitled “Palm Centro GSM version Hands-On,” at Mapalad.org, Senolos also dropped another hint: “Let me rephrase .. di pala something is coming … sorry… they are coming.”

He earlier posted: “Something is coming … yun lang.” This short remark raised speculations within the palm users group that a new Palm product is lauching here soon.

Mapalad.org member “WaKIM” also posted in the same thread that during the group’s Christmas party, Senolos disclosed that the Palm Centro would come out by February of this year.

Reacting to Senolo’s “something is coming,” danielmaradona, another, member wrote: “Definitely this will be the Centro.”