A young Iraqi who recently joined the Filipino Youth for Peace e-group sent this e-mail to the list:

Dear friends …..

first of all I want to thank the moderator of this group for letting me to be with you guys .

My name is REEM I’M 18 years old i live in Baghdad and I will join the comoputer science collge at november. life in baghdad is just like hell, it’s a mirical how we still alive. Many explotions in everywhere we can’t go out after 8 or 9 o’clock at night it’s dangerouse and we have been like this for 3 years and we get sick of that situation .life here is misrrible so hope u will support me and bring hope back to me ..


NOTE: SORRY my spelling is s0o0o bad but i hope u’ll understand me .

This is what the US war–supported by the Philippine president–has brought to the people of Iraq. Read again, and tell us if the war is justified.

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  1. there’s no such thing as justified war…all wars are stupid…the people behind wars are imbeciles…the people who do not opposes war are morons…