Bagong Hello Garci Joke

Forwarded sa akin akin ni Mhay. Joke joke joke lang po, huwag sanang magagalit ang mgataga-Lagablab, Pinoy Pride, at iba pa:

Kung nag-sward speak lang sana sila, di walang gulo ngayon:
Female voice: Halloo Gracia! Halloo! Halloo!
Male voice: Mudra! Nachukchak ko na po ‘yung mga chuva!
Female voice: Bongga! Yung mga che chenes, keri na ba?
Male voice: Winnie Santos muder, wa na wiri ke aling Minda! Now na!
Female voice: Ganda ever!
End of story, unless i-translate ni You-Know-Who!

9 thoughts on “Bagong Hello Garci Joke

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  2. vince: ‘di ko nakuha ‘yung last part, hehe.

    iris: mabuti na yung malinaw, di ba?

    raspberry: nasa hello garci transcripts ‘yan.

    btuQueen: sana, makabalik ka.

    gari: hehehe.

  3. Haller!

    Nakakalokah! Ever! Kaya lang, wiz intiendes itich…. Seroiusly ederic, I should thank Manolo for leading me to your blogsite. Be well.

  4. ederic, no offense meant, and none taken, i’m sure. 😀

    just weird i was thinking exactly about swardspeak this morning and how it can actually be a double-edged sword for both empowerment and exclusion. empowerment because how much of the subculture has integrated itself into mainstream language? but that’s just it. it’s sub-culture, not counter-culture. in as much as it sounds funny and entertaining, how does swardspeak really reflect the diversity of the lgbt community? ak. listen to me. i’m taking things too seriously again. stop na ang echos na itich!! 😀

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