admobAdmob, a mobile advertising company, has included the Philippines in its July 2008 Mobile Metrics report. It cited “continuing strong growth in mobile web usage” here.

From sixth place last month, the Philippines is now fifth among the countries in terms of ad requests, with 2.8% of all Admob requests originating from mobile phones here.

Based on the reports’ Philippines Handset Data, the texting capital of the world remains a Nokia country, as 63.8% of all ad requests from the Philippines were from Nokia phones. With more than 4% share each, Nokia 3510i, Nokia N70, and Nokia N95 were the top handset models.

Palm did not appear at all in the Philippine data. Palm Centro also dropped from seventh to the 12th place among all mobile phones worldwide that accessed mobile sites serving Admob ads.

With the recent launch of iPhone 3G in the Philippines, mobile web usage here could be expected to grow even more.

Meanwhile, Filipino bloggers interested in monetizing their blogs’ mobile version may want to join Admob. Registration is free.

Image from admobflickr

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