Computer Freak but totally Elite!

Cyber Boy! You live for your PC and to play videogames. The girls will love your cleverness. But attention, to hack the planet is okay, but don’t forget to pay attention [to] your friends too.

What kind of Boy are you? .._..contains Anime pictures.._.. brought to you by Quizilla. Link found at Twisted Wacko

Ederic Eder

Ederic is a Filipino communications worker in the telecom, media, and technology industry. He writes about K-dramas and Korean celebrities for Hallyudorama.

He used to be a social media manager for news at GMA Network, where he also headed YouScoop, GMA News and Public Affairs’ citizen journalism arm.

He was with Yahoo! Philippines for more than three years before returning to GMA Network, where he was also previously part of the News Research section.

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