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The Sacred and Profane Lover
Youth leader na si Mong Palatino shares their love story that started
during the anti-Erap campaign.

Alaala ng Quiapo reprints Jamaica Pascual’s essay on Quiapo, which won a
Palanca Award last year.

Pambansang Kamao
Ederic Eder writes about the mini-People Power that welcomed Manny

Full Text of Proclamation No. 1017 Declaring A State of National Emergency

Y-CHAT Petition Against Charter Change
Do you think Cha-cha is cool? If not, please sign the petition.

Chuckberry Pascual’s short story on Wowowee tragedy.

Alexander Martin Remollino on unity.

Mong Palatino on the Southern Leyte tragedy.

Editoryal: Huwag Muling Payagang Umiral ang Dilim

Civil society’s reaction to Proclamation 1081

… and more. Please pass.