From Joseph Laban of The Probe Team:

The Probe Team returns to Philippine Television via a 12-part election special entitled “Lente”.

First in Philippine TV, “Lente” is an integration of documentary and telenovela formats, where a fictional story runs parallel to serious and factual reporting. Unthinkable? So it seems, but Probe host Cheche Lazaro believes that mixing the two will work. “The telenovela threads the documentary series together. In that manner, the viewer has always something more to look forward to in each episode of the documentary,” she says.

Lazaro promises that “Lente”, an hour-long documentary, will be an example of Probe’s brand of truthful and in-depth reportage, this time with a sprinkling of some romance and suspense.

The first part of the documentary series investigates the real cost of running an election campaign. Probe learns the shady deals involving campaign fundraising and political endorsements.

From the reel to the real deal, two headstrong lovers topbill the telenovela. Tata, a young and idealisic policewoman, goes on a mission to catch an illegal gunrunner. As she closes a deal with the enemy, Dencio, a new but cynical photojournalist, shows up in the scene, blowing up Tata’s cover. Tata and Dencio decide to chase their enemy together, unknowingly pursuing each other’s hearts.

Don’t miss “Lente” this Saturday, 28 February 2004, at 10 p.m. over ABC-5.

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Ederic Eder

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