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  1. Does it mean that another American multinational company will become a famous household word among Filipinos? I hope a Filipino company can become a famous household word among Americans.

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Actually, I’ve made this letter to inform the world about my views that the Roman

    Catholic Church and the U.N. Organization have to achieve real democratization. My

    personal cause is called “political abrogationism”. It is a cause that advocates that

    every country, every social organization and every culture in this world has to achieve

    real and moral democracy. The world view of a political abrogationer is that democracy

    is natural, universal and moral for the humanity of this planet called Earth. Democracy

    is a method or way of making a management style or political rule be in accordance

    with the natural, universal and moral laws and principles. Democracy is the only

    working social way of safeguarding and securing the basic natural and universal

    human rights and responsible human freedoms of individual human beings. Hence, it

    is only proper that every country, every social organization and every culture in this

    planet has to be democratized. For such an ideal, political abrogationers have to wage

    peaceful and legal struggles to try to democratize every country, every social

    organization and every culture in our world. Political abrogationers must wage

    peaceful and legal struggles to abolish all types of dictatorial rule, monarchism and

    despotic regime in every part of this world. Such is the world vision of political


    In line with such a world vision, a political abrogationer like me has to petition

    the major social organizations of this planet to embrace real and moral

    democratization. I have launched two on-line petitions for the democratization of two

    of the most influential social organizations in this world. Those two social

    organizations are the Roman Catholic Church and the U.N. Organization. Please

    study the on-line petitions and make those known to the public. I don’t have brigades

    to agitate for those on-line petitions. I don’t have fanatics that will actively debate for

    those issues. I don’t have magicians who will mesmerize some people to embrace

    the ideals of such on-line petitions. So, please, just make the public become aware

    of such mentioned petitions, so that the wise citizens of this world can argue for the

    futilities or for the merits of the concerns that had been presented by the mentioned

    on-line petitions. The on-line petitions can be viewed and signed at these web pages:

    1.) .

    2.) .

    The first one is about the Catholic Church. The second one is about the U.N.

    Organization. Please read those petitions by just clicking the underlined web pages.

    Our organization’s profile can be seen by just clicking this web page now: .

    Thanks for your kind consideration.



  2. Magsisimula na ang Paypal Philippines frozen accounts! Ngayon malalaman natin kung anong ibig sabihin ng “frozen accounts” tapos ang pera mo nasa US at di mo mawithdraw. Our merchants will soon understand why there are thousands of used-to-be Paypal users in America who are so irate over Paypal.

    Is Paypal registered locally? What laws are applicable to Paypal?