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GMA-7 Press Release

28 September 2008 on GMA 7

The historic television event that may never happen again.

In Southeast Asia, only one country has four living presidents — the Philippines. On Sunday, all four presidents appear alongside each other in a television first that may not happen again. Newsmakers: The GMA News and Public Affairs Special is the show to watch on Sept 28.

How did the country’s most influential names get to the highest seat of power? What did their victories mean for us? How well did each leader live up to their common promise of a better future for all? Find out the answers for yourself as each president faces off with a pillar of GMA News.

The five pillars of GMA News and Public Affairs: Mike Enriquez, Vicky Morales, Jessica Soho, Arnold Clavio, and Mel Tiangco
Jessica Soho discovers the feisty side of Corazon Cojuangco Aquino. The once reluctant presidential candidate, Cory shares her secret in overcoming her struggles as wife to a political prisoner and as leader to a healing nation. In a rare candid moment, Cory talks about the two men who disappointed her while she was president.

Arnold Clavio is in for a surprise as Fidel V. Ramos shows facets of his image rarely seen in public. The former General reveals the real reasons he rallied in EDSA twice to oust two sitting presidents.

Meanwhile, Joseph Estrada tells Vicky Morales his biggest regret as president. Several times during his interview, the former actor related his experiences to stories in the Bible. Erap discloses whom among his friends he considers his own Judas.

Mel Tiangco is welcomed in Malacañang by the incumbent Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. The elusive president opens up about the lessons she learned from her father, who was hailed in the 60s as The Incorruptible President.

Also in Newsmakers is Mike Enriquez’ encounter with former First Lady Imelda Marcos. The person most privy to the longest-serving Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos, Imelda reflects on the legacy of her husband. Asked about the perceived excessiveness during their time, Imelda insists that in beauty nothing is too excessive.

A year after the idea was pitched and months after trailing the presidents, Newsmakers: the GMA News and Public Affairs Special finally airs on September 28, Sunday at 10.30 p.m. on GMA 7.

15 thoughts on “Newsmakers: The GMA News and Public Affairs Special

  1. ..GMA is creating another meaningful and high class documentary special that brings to all information about this year issues and problem..i hope, it serves an inspiration to all people to do much better in the year 2012 specially in government.. proud to be kapuso..

  2. ..GMA is creating another meaningful and high class documentary special that brings to all information about this year issues and problem..i hope, it serves an inspiration to all people to do much better in the year 2012 specially in goverment.. proud to be kapuso..

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  4. maedyo late ang comment hahah!
    Anyway… GMA 7 the best! You’re great in making delivering docu. I hope to see more. Thumbs UP! God bless

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