Photo from Palalayain at makakauwi na ang ating kababayang si Angelo de la Cruz.

Lumabas sa Aljazeera TV ang video ni Angelo na nagsasabing makakauwi na siya, ayon sa ulat ng GMA-7 at AFP na nakapaskil sa “Wait for me, I’m coming back to you,” ang sabi raw ni Angelo sa Arabic translation ng Al-Jazeera. Wala kasing sound ang videotape.

Samantala, sa gitna ng mga pambabatikos ng mga Amerikano at mga bansang kasapi ng “coalition of the willing,” maiging basahin natin ang mga salitang ito ni Dan Mariano ng at Today:

“While we value the friendship and support of the United States, it is to the Filipino people that our government must ultimately answer.

“Weakness, vacillation, cowardice do not apply when a poor, struggling country stands up to the mightiest power on the planet for the sake and survival of one of its humble citizens. ”

Galing ‘yan sa article niyang Angelo the nonentity.

Sabi naman ng Today sa kanilang editorial na pinamagatang “Angelo is not ?just one individual,? he?s all of us”:

“The fundamental difference between the U.S. and the Philippines is this: When an American hostage is killed because the U.S. government will not negotiate with terrorists, the message is that the U.S. will go and kill the terrorists sooner or later and lay their country to waste in the meantime — bombing innocent civilians just in case they might be related to the terrorists.

“But when a Filipino hostage is killed because the Philippine government submits to U.S. pressure and refuses to negotiate with the terrorists, the message is that the terrorists can go on abducting and killing Filipinos, if only to teach the Philippines and not just its government the price we will have to pay to stay slavish to the United States because we can never get back at the terrorists — certainly not with the 51-man ?humanitarian? mission we sent to Iraq.”

Ederic Eder

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