Bond over stories with heartwarming tales of motherhood, hilarious meltdowns, and inspiring journeys of self-discovery, all starring the most important woman in everyone’s lives: mothers. Check out these great picks on Lionsgate Play!

Wonder (2017)

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Based on the New York Times bestseller, the film “Wonder” tells the heartwarming story of Auggie Pullman (Jacob Tremblay), a boy with facial differences, who embarks on a new adventure – fifth grade at a mainstream elementary school. Previously homeschooled by his mom (Julia Roberts), Auggie must now navigate making friends and the often-uncertain world of regular school. Through a tumultuous year, Auggie learns valuable lessons about acceptance, kindness to others, and, most importantly, self-acceptance. Wonder is a film that will inspire viewers of all ages.

Bad Moms (2016)

What happens when moms snap from the pressure of pulling a household together? In the film “Bad Moms,” Amy (Mila Kunis) juggles work, PTA drama, a strained relationship with her husband, and a messy house. All the while, she hides the exhaustion under a smile. But she’s overworked, over-committed, and exhausted. When she snaps, she unites with stressed-out moms Carla (Kathryn Hahn) and Kiki (Kristen Bell). Together, they ditch the expectations and embrace a little “bad mom” fun. Bad Moms proves that sometimes, the best gift moms can give themselves and their families is a break from trying to be perfect.

Girl in Progress (2012)

Girl in Progress
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In the film “Girl in Progress,” Grace (Eva Mendez) is a single mom who is often too busy juggling work and complicated relationships to pay much attention to her teenage daughter, Ansiedad (Cierra Ramirez). Inspired by coming-of-age stories in school, Ansiedad hatches a plan to fast-forward into adulthood to start life without her mother. But as her misguided plan unfolds, chaos ensues. Grace and Ansiedad learn that growing up is messy, but the bond between mother and daughter will always be beautiful.

The Single Moms Club (2014)

Forced together by their kids’ antics, five single moms from different backgrounds form an unlikely support group in the film “Single Moms Club.” They find strength and laughter in their shared experiences by juggling work, childcare, and personal struggles. As they navigate the ups and downs of single parenthood, they discover the importance of friendship, acceptance, and maybe even a little romance.

Motherland (2017)

“Motherland” is a British sitcom that follows a group of flawed, relatable parents in London. It’s a comedic look at the messy realities of middle-class motherhood, from competitive play dates to chaotic home life. With sharp wit and relatable scenarios, “Motherland” is a refreshingly honest expose to the reality of modern parenting. Each episode reminds us that laughter and a strong community are the ultimate survival tools for raising kids in the unpredictable world of parenthood.

Blindspotting (2017)

Ashley’s (Jasmine Cephas Jones) life takes an unexpected turn after her partner of 12 years, Miles (Rafael Casal), is suddenly incarcerated. Left to raise their son Sean (Atticus Woodward) alone, Ashley grapples with the emotional and practical challenges of solo parenting, work, and Miles’ absence. Forced to move in with Miles’ unconventional family, Ashley finds humor amidst the chaos as she navigates a personal crisis. Through its heartwarming yet honest lens, Blindspotting explores themes of family resilience, navigating change, and the complexities of life in a gentrifying Oakland grappling with social issues.

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