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As a sign of our protest against the NPC-led, Danding Cojuangco-backed, malicious and unconstitutional impeachment of Chief Justice Davide, let us refuse to patronize and add more fuel to Danding’s cash cow — San Miguel Corporation.

The following is the list of San Miguel Corporation’s consumer products we can boycott:

San Miguel Pale Pilsen
San Miguel Draft Beer
San Miguel Super Dry
San Mig Light
Cerveza Negra
Red Horse
Gold Eagle
Blue Ice
Miller Genuine Draft (Philippines)
Lowenbrau (Hong Kong)
San Miguel Dark Beer (Hong Kong)
Double Happiness Beer (China)
Guang?s Draft (China)
Guang?s Pineapple Beer (China)
Valor (China)
Dragon (China)
Blue Star (China)
Anker Bir, Anker Stout (Indonesia)
Batavia (Indonesia)
Carlsberg (Indonesia)
Bock (Vietnam)
James Boag?s Premium (Australia)
James Boag?s Premium Light (Australia)
Boag?s Strongarm Bitter (Australia)
Boag?s Draught (Australia)
Boag?s Draught Light (Australia)
Boag?s Original Bitter (Australia)
Classic Bitter (Australia)
Boag?s XXX Ale (Australia)
Carlsberg Green Label/Elephant (Australia)

Non-Alcoholic Malt Beverages
Cali Pineapple
Cali 10
Cali Ice

Wines and Spirits
Ginebra San Miguel Red
A?ejo Rum
Vino Kulafu
Oxford London Dry Gin
San Miguel Bravo Rhum
Ginebra San Miguel Blue
Cordial Lime Mixer
London LDG
Gran Matador
Tonde?a Manila Rum (Export)

Soft Drinks
Coca-Cola Light
Sprite Light
Royal Tru-Orange
Lift Lemon Drink
Schweppes Tonic Water
Schweppes Soda Water
Barq?s Root Beer
Pop Cola
Diet Sarsi
Cheers Orange
Cheers Lemon
Jaz Cola

Juice and Juice Drinks
Fruit Drinks
Winnie The Pooh Junior Juice
Zip Juice Drinks

Powdered Fruit Drinks
Eight O?Clock
Ice Cold Mix

Bottled Water
VIVA! Mineral Water
FIRST Distilled Drinking Water
Wilkins Distilled Drinking Water

Teas and Sports Drinks
Nestea RTD

Magnolia Fresh Chicken
Magnolia Chicken Breast Fillet
Magnolia Chicken Thigh Meat Fillet
Magnolia Chicken Giniling
Magnolia Quick Fry
Magnolia Chicken Chunks in Brine
Magnolia Chicken Popcorn
Magnolia Chicken Tocino
Magnolia Chicken Garlic
Magnolia Chicken Crispy
Magnolia Chicken Barbeque
Purefoods Supermanok
Purefoods Jolly Poppers
Purefoods Cordon Bleu
Purefoods Chicken Nuggets
Purefoods Bulilit Bites
Purefoods Chicken Balls
Purefoods Golden Crispy Chicken
Purefoods Spicy Wings
Purefoods Korean Barbecue
Fresh Chilled/Frozen Whole
Fresh Choice Cuts

Dairy, Oils & Fats
Magnolia Gold Butter
Baker?s Best Margarine
Dari Creme
Dari Creme Lite
Buttercup Margarine
Star Margarine
Magnolia Cheezee
Magnolia Cheddar
Magnolia Quickmelt
Magnolia Cheese Singles
Magnolia Quezo de Bola
Flakes Pastry Margarine
Magnolia Non-refrigerated Margarine
Magnolia Flavor-It
Magnolia Whip n Top
Magnolia Cheese Sauce
Mozzarella Cheese
Parmesan Cheese

Meats, Semi-processed meats, processed meats
Tender Juicy Hotdog
Tender Juicy Cheesedog
Beefies Hotdog
Moby Hotdog
Gusto Hotdog
Vida Hotdog
Chick?N Tasty Hotdog
Beef Franks
German Franks
Pear-Shaped Ham
Fiesta Ham
Jamon de Bola
Brick Ham
Chicken Ham
Chinese Style Ham
Tenderized Ham
Vida Sweet Ham
Ham Sausage
Cooked Salami
Spiced Ham
Pritong Pinoy
Purefoods Ready-To-Eat Embutido
Gusto Spiced Ham
Purefoods Honeycured Bacon
Chorizo Filipino
Premium Longaniza Hamonado
Hamburger Patties
Hormel Gold Label Bacon
Hormel Pepperoni
Purefoods Corned Beef
Purefoods Carne Norte
Purefoods Chili Con Carne
Purefoods Vienna Sausage
Purefoods Pork & Beans
Purefoods Liver Spread
Purefoods Chinese Style
Luncheon Meat
Purefoods Luncheon Meat
Purefoods Beef Loaf Superior
Purefoods Chorizo Filipino
Purefoods Spaghetti Meat Sauce
Gusto Sausage
Gusto Meat Loaf
Gusto Liver Spread
Gusto Beef Loaf
Hormel Vienna Sausage
Purefoods Sizzling Sisig

Fresh Meats ? Pork, Beef, Lamb
Breaded, Battered and Fried
Monterey Breaded Chicken Nuggets
Monterey Bread Pork Nuggets
Monterey Letter Nuggets
Monterey Cordon Bleu
Monterey Meat Pops
Monterey Pork Tocino
Monterey Crispy Pata
Monterey Pork Barbecue
Monterey Lechon Kawali
Monterey Extra Lean Beef Tapa
Monterey Spicy Beef Strips
Monterey Korean Beef Stew
Monterey Pork Terriyaki
Monterey Sisig
Monterey Beef Burger

Pureblend Feeds
Pureblend Broiler Feeds
Breeder Layer Feeds
Pbxcellent Broiler Mash Feeds
Pureblend Contract Growing
Broiler Feeds
Pureblend Layer Feeds
Pbxcellent Layer Mash Feeds
Pureblend Quail Layer Feeds
Pureblend Hog Feeds
B-Meg Feeds
B-MEG Premium Hog Pellets
B-MEG Dynamix Hog Pellets
B-MEG Expert Hog Pellets
B-MEG Hog Mash
B-MEG Premium Layer Feeds
B-MEG Expert Layer Feeds
B-MEG Premium Broiler Feeds
B-MEG Expert Broiler Feeds
B-MEG Derby Ace Formula
B-MEG Derby King
B-MEG Quail Feeds
B-MEG Ostrich Feeds
B-MEG Tilapia Feeds
B-MEG Bangus Feeds
B-MEG Aquaration
B-MEG Shrimp Feeds
Prize Catch Floating Feeds
Bonanza Hog Pellets
Pigeon Pellet
Base Mixes

Jelly Snacks

Emperor Hard Flour
King Hard Flour
Queen Soft Flour
Baron All Purpose Flour
Princess Cake Flour
Prince Noodle Flour
Monarch Hard Flour
Countess Soft Flour
Bakerrific Bread Improver
Zuprim Bread Improver
Purefoods Whole Wheat Flour
Harina de Pandesal

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