Angelo de la Cruz

Maya-maya lang ay lilipas na ang taning na ibinigay ng mga bumihag kay Angelo de la Cruz. Sa kabila ng malawakang hiling ng mga mamamayan at magin ng Simbahan, nagmamatigas pa rin ang gobyernong Pilipinas na hindi nito pauuwin kaagad ang Filipino troops sa Iraq.


Habang tuluy-tuloy ang pananalangin para sa kaligtasan ni Angelo de la Cruz, nakikiisa naman ang Filipino Youth for Peace sa panawagang tigilan na ng pamahalaan ang pagsuporta sa imoral na giyera ng US sa Iraq.

Narito ang bahagi ng aming pahayag:

the Philippine government is certainly obliged to pull out Filipino troops from Iraq. That De la Cruz’s captors are employing means that may be described as terroristic does not make their demand for a Philippine military pullout from their country any less valid.

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This is a “damn if you do and damn if you dont” situation! Whatever action the government takes will surely have repercussions. For sure, the government is weighing all its options as this case will surely affect the national image in the international community. Whether we like it our not, good image = investors = jobs. Rather than making noisy and unfounded statements, let us trust and support the decision of our government. What we need now more than ever is unity. If we cant say anything good about our government then we better shut up if what we say is unfounded.

I know that we as a nation is again put to the test. Trust and Unity with our government is what we sorely need now, not unsolicited advice.

The full text of the Filipino Youth for Peace statement is entitled “Stop Supporting the Genocidal War of Greed!” It is at the Filipino Youth for Peace website and I would greatly encourage readers to check it out and see whether or not it is “unfounded.”

Whether we like it or not, Ederic, there is a big risk in quoting pieces of a statement apart from the whole. You can always be cited out of context.

The experiences of Nick Berg and Kim Sun-il show what will happen if Arroyo does not take the right path. That can be easily realized by anyone with a decent amount of intelligence. What the right path is, we believe we have stated clearly enough in our Filipino Youth for Peace statement which is easily accessible to those who bother to move their fingers.

Having a good image and investors are also beautiful, but the right of the people to live safely and have the ability to enjoy the benefits of a good image for their country, which equates to investors and jobs, cannot be any less important.

Not all unsolicited advice is bad. Are you not going to stop a mother who is bent on pushing her child off a cliff?

Well, trust and unity are big, beautiful words, more enthralling than all the Angelina Jolies and Michelle Aldanas in the world.

But trust and unite with a goverment that had the gall to lie to the family of a man on the brink of death? Tell that to the patients of Elsie Gaches: not even they will buy that, we can be sure.

The saga of Angelo Dela Cruz shows who is against and supporting President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Those who support the withdrawal of Philippine troops is her true ally because if she failed to recognize the demand I am sure GMA will be in the hot seat.

Those who play tough are asshole like Kabayan and many oppurtunist GMA nasa kamay mo na ang desisyon its time to give pain in the ass,
Salamat Caloy B.Bacho

GMA went through an agonizing test. While groups like Migrante used the situation to further their cause by inflaming pain on Angelo’s family/relatives and stressing the blame on GMA with utmost disrespect, everyone in the government agonized on the decision. After the decision was made, Migrante never stopped. They still took on the streets….Bringing in issues that were just decided (but still in critical stage). Isn’t that sheer exploitation?
Unemployment… it is everywhere… Do you know that Saudi Arabia has 10-30% unemployed nationals themselves? (Out of their 24 million population, 6 millions of them are foreigners and employed in small institutions (20 workers or less)that were exempt from “Saudisation?”) According to Saudi Labour minister Ghazi al Ghosaibi, it is not possible to stomped out unemployment before three years.. The minimum time frame for such a problem to be solved even with “Saudisation” will be at least nine years… or so… and Saudi Arabia is a rich country…very unlike the Philippines..there are no disrespectful Migrante’s there nor politicians in cleric cloth, or if Saudi have those people, they will be beheaded at the town plaza.
It is good to protest over a lot of things, but protestors should first show that they themselves have contributed something to the Philippines economy, other than just cluttering the streets and holding signs in protest. They have to understand that Unemployment and Inflation is a worldwide problem (that is not intended to be a cliche). Why always blame the Philippine President? Here in California, we experienced paying $2.89 per gallon of the regular unleaded gas…the lowest grade of gas, mind you! We experienced 6% unemployment also. We have homeless and health insurance-less people also. How much more the Philippines? The Philippines’ President promised jobs. Where will she get jobs now that she lost face in the world? Who will she pitch now to borrow money (with no or very little intrest)to infuse in to the Philippines economy? She was even attacked by a clown like Jay Leno in his show? (I will never watch Jay Leno again). Who will invest in the Philippines now? In the eyes of the investors, the Philippines is a risk for their money. Investors feel that if they do invest, their investments can easily be eaten up by a country of protestors and insurgents. Those investments could have been sources of jobs and could have raised the value of peso. Could have been source of “dagdag sahod.”

The President also sought assistance to stop insurgency and kidnap-for-ransom by training personnels and by obtaining modern equipment from the US and other countries of the coalitions (mostly). So the protesters called her “tuta” because she is being resourful? I just hope none of the Migrantes or other protest groups try or aspire to come to the US or the middle east…mahiya naman sila. Do you think they do not have aspirations to go to the US or the middle east? I wish they have shame enough and boycott everything US or middle eastern, including food, oil and jobs that the US or the middle eastern countries has anything to do with… Do not accept money from any relatives who got the money by being in the US or the middle east, or who received monies from there. That is the most decent thing to do, rather than exploit situations like the “Angelo De La Cruz” hostage crisis and bash your own President.

In a marriage, respect, chance and trust are the #1 secrets of keeping it together. In the government, once a President is elected, give her/him respect, chance and trust before you even open your mouths in protests. Do your share of improving the country by any means, and not just open your mouths. Do not use every situation to “burn” your elected official; you are actually “burning” yourselves and your fellow men by doing so.

“Move on” Philippines…”move on” Filipinos…your President is like a mother trying to support the family and searches for economic resources… so do not blame her for problems that were here long before she was born… How long has it been since we had a President that knows what he/she is doing (by education and experience)and doing what she knows?

Len of San Diego

Do anyone realize that after the 9/11 bombing, the US for once reunited and did not ignite opposing emotions (in the US)? Bill Mayer (spelled right?) tried… The public censured him, and never came back to his stature on his show. That must be what need to be done to groups like Migrante/Aklas.. and those other people who did not wait after the crisis to take their grievances to the streets…whether for a proper cause or not. There are appropriate time for problems to be discussed. I just wish they are not so selfish and insensitive just to further their cause. Be humasns.
Thanks for the chance to spesk out Eric.

Hi Ederic!

Any news about the “release” of Angeo De La Cruz? Anyone? Kanina pa ako hintay nang hintay… umaga na rito sa San Diego, hanggang ngayon wala pang balita. Headline News shows the troops on several open bed trucks and a minibus pulling away with majority of the troops, while the press (not sure if those were Filipino Press), racing after the troops whose vehicles took off with just a brief wave from the members… but what happened to Angelo? CNN contained the same new, as well as Fox… anyone heard anything yet?

I need to rest… Anyone heard anything?

Hi Ederic!

Any news about the “release” of Angeo De La Cruz? Anyone? Kanina pa ako hintay nang hintay… umaga na rito sa San Diego, hanggang ngayon wala pang balita. Headline News shows the troops on several open bed trucks and a minibus pulling away with majority of the troops, while the press (not sure if those were Filipino Press), racing after the troops whose vehicles took off with just a brief wave from the members… but what happened to Angelo? CNN contained the same new, as well as Fox… anyone heard anything yet?

I need to rest… Anyone heard anything?

The contingent groups just left and i think are currently heading to the border of Iraq/Kuwait. Where is Angelo De La Cruz?

Agasin, despite of lossing face to the world, Migrante group still insist they do not believe the President really pulled the contingent trooops…can you imagine if the hostage takers see and read that? Delay….Delay… delay in releasing Angelo… they may have thought the Philippines have tricks up their sleeves so they want the conlete pull out before they free Angelo… Panay naman ang papel nila ng mga groups na iyon… ‘di ba nila alam na baka maging mitsa ng buhay ni Angelo and ginagawa nila? Diyos ko naman!!! Iyan ang mga dapat bombahin eh… makasarili at mapanggamit!!!
They were even successful there for a while when they got the relatives and friends fumed against the administration, on camera.. I really believe it had some effect on the negotiation one way or the other. The news blocked-out: didn’t anyone notice that when the group of negotiators shared the bit by bit development in the negotiation, some Filipinos (especially like Migrantes) got upset over the non-fruity of the first good news? Why then are they forcing the negotiators (that they just humiliated for sharing something that did not materialize) remove the news block-out and guess or commit on the outcome or show emotion etc? They almost blew it… Well, Ederic, I am praying for the best…
What if the US bombed the place where the hostake takers and De La Cruz are camped? Geeee!!! I crawl in goose pimples!

I really do not like Doris Bigornia. It is obvious she mentally harassed the family when she even confronted them and asked on camera that she heard they are mad at her… She spoke better when talking to her protesting groups… I think she made it possible for the Migrantes to be back again in Mexico, Pampanga by the way she re-introduced them…I get really upset about that… huh! not that it is much my concern… she dominated the family….What a bonafide jerk! She should not be on TFC!!!!! …ruined the emotion of the moment while she is there!!!

Bilang isang filipino legal resident ng USA,
hindi rin ako natutuwa at nakikisimpatiya
sa giyera ni Bush laban sa Iraq.

Kahit na nagiging biktima ang pinoy sa bansang
gitnang silangan,hindi ito nangangahulugan na
ang lahat ng Islam ay masama at makikisimpatiya
tayo sa bansang Amerika.

Si Bush ay isang Republican Conservative,at
may history ng pagkadiktador lalo na sa mga
mahihirap at mga immigrants dito sa USA,
Siya at ang kanyang kampon ay mga sinungaling
at traidor sa sariling bayan at siya ring
itinuturong utak sa pagpapabagsak ng twin
tower,dahil hanggang ngayon ay walang nahuhuli
na terrorista at puro suspect lamang ang siyang
depensa ng Bush Gov’t.

Mabuti ang ginawa ni Pres. Arroyo para naman
maipamukha natin sa mga kano na ito na tayo
ay hindi laging magiging sunod-sunuran sa
kanilang kagustuhan,kahit na mali at hindi
makatarungan ang hakbang ng Amerikano laban
sa Islam,iisa lamang ang dahilan,The rich oil
country is the only reason why they had to
invade this country and the lavish life style
of This Son of a —-! that they cannot leave
Without oil instead of finding an alternative
source to substitute the oil.

Shame on them and not the Philippines!

Meron pa akong isang comments,tungkol sa mga
sundalong amerikano dito sa USA,nauubos na
ang mga Army kaya panay ang recruit nila sa
mga bagong graduate na HS kids,sila ay nagiging
parang piraso ng karne,pagdating sa Iraq at
basta na lang isasabak sa gera na walang alam
na combat tactics,nakakatawa ang kano dahil
puro kahipokritohan lang ang ginagawa at panay
pangbubunong braso ang ginagawa sa mga maliit
na bansa dahil sila kuno ay Super power,this
is such a ridiculous thing ,because it is my
money or the American tax payers money they
wasted in this stupid war without cause,now
those poor kids who got fall into the misery
of US Gov’t were using them as a shield for
their own selfishness and interest,because,
Bush and his cronies are all engage in all kinds
of dirty business like a mobster and oil busi-

walang nababalita diyan sa Pilipinas na siya
at ang kanyang generation ay mga mob o thugs.
ang tangi kong masasabi ay,The end is almost
near and the Anti-Christ was now here,tricking
the people and make one day this world as One.
Or Globalization,with one government,one leader,
one currency and all of us will be the slaves
of Satan!

Hello again Ederic,

marami pa akong comments at ito’y hindi nauubos,
dahil baka madismaya lang ang pinoy na humaha-
nga sa bansang amerika,to tell you the truth
mahirap na rin ang USA at baon sa utang!

Trillions of dollars ang debt ng kano sa
World Bank,subalit huwag kang magtaka sila
rin ang fate controller ng mga maliliit na
bansa at nagdidikta.

let the filipino peoples eyes be open and not
obey this Shameful act of americans,dahil sila
at ang Great Britain ay nag-iisa lamang ng
layunin Emperialism at balak nilang lusubin
ang Iran at gayon din ang karatig na bansa,
para makontrol nila ang langis.

ang afghanistan ay unang sinkop,dahil sa
Poppy seeds,na malaking pera at siyang ginagamit
ng Amerika para umikot ang pera sa Stock market.
wala ng pera ang amerika,kaya nangaagaw na lang
sila ng resources ng mga bansang mayaman.

hindi,na dapat pang bigyan ng Pilipinas ng
tulong ang USA.kapag muling ginera naman ang

Maganda naman ang kinalabasan ng ginawa ng pamahalaan para sa pagpapalaya kay Angelo dela Cruz.
Tell me if i’m wrong, I have heard na meron dawng free scholarship para sa mga anak ni dela cruz, which is good naman. Hindi lang yan, meron pang house and lot, if i’m not mistaken, at libreng gamot/hospitalization para sa family niya. At, finally, cash donation that will not lower than a million pesos.
Well, sa lahat ng mga pangunahing balita ay puro na lang dela cruz, sa radyo, tv at tabloid.
Meron din namang mga pulitiko na nagbibigay ng mga tulong para kay angelo. I don’t know what’s really behind the issue. Maybe there’s something hidden agenda going on.
Meron din namang mga mas higit na nangangailangan ng tulong sa ngayon diba? Lalong lalo na sa mag taga-Mindanao.
Actually, I’m a student at a certain university. Sana mas marami pang budget sa mga nag-apply ng PESFA Scholarship sa CHED kahit half lang.

Please send me email and comments regarding my opinion…

How did you get privy to all these information that you are posting? Mag-ro-roll over ka ba and play dead kapag binomba ang isang landmark like the World Trade Center, kung mayroon niyan sa Pilipinas? What would be your reaction?

Hindi ba all countries resort to “drafts” when extreme situations like the World Trade.. happenned? …. and expect more to happen? Do you really think that attacking Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq was all due to the control of oil and not to stop further attacks like the 9/11?

Sa palagay mo ba uso pa ang Imperialism hanggang ngayon? That was long time ago… Times of England’s Queen Victoria and Spain’s Queen Isabel…. Hindi ba mas mahalaga na “protect-sionan” ang iyong bansa and try to get rid of the enemies before they come to your front door? Especially when you can pull your logistics from your pocket and/or can borrow same from somewhere?
Talking about taxes: The IRS (though I hate them too), tax income at a certain bracket, and people at a lower bracket get their money back and if they worked, additional money from their Earned Income Credit to as much as $5,000 depending on how many kids and how low your income was (without getting too low). So the taxes you paid was used to send troops to the war in the middle east… if those tax money was spent to ensure that US gets supply of oil, wouldn’t you call that taking care of business for the benefit of every american?
Poppy seeds: Do you really believe that the Stock Exchange were interested with poppy seeds to strengthen the stocks? That is the same exchange that needed to be transparent, that was why even the kind of Martha Stewart was sentenced to jail for keeping inside information.
Yes, The US is in debt with some institutions. He he, have you ever heard of “using other people’s money?”
If everybody in the US who used their credit cards are just hopelessly in debts, and everyone who financed their homes in the US for “interest tax credits” are hopelessly in debt and must not be believed because of that debt, then the whole world will lose its economic balance.
Won’t you tell your closest friends to beware of the dangerous crowd? Won’t you tell your closest friends of the most economy wise move in order for all of the alliances to survive? Will that be dictating in order to conquer the oil and the poppy seeds, or a sheer move of Imperialism?
Are you a democrat? Don’t you realize that the democrats would have done the same if they were in office at the time of the 9/11?
The US was unified in grief and anger at the 9/11.. or the Achile Lauro.. where were you then? Were you one of those sent home to watch the rubbles of the collapsed landmark? Did you display the American Flag at home, on your car, on your sleeves, on your collar or anywhere else? Did you grieve as an american and not just a tax payer? What did you feel?
So, now you bash your president and find justifications with the evil actions of the terrorists? Calling him a liar and shameful individual? You want to dry out your linen to call upon the world not to believe in the United States of America? Did you go hungry because of the 9/11? Did you lose your job because of it? Did you receive “disaster relief” if you were affected by the tragedy? Well, that was because your president and the US government took care of business to protect YOU! Despite of your disrespect, your welfare was taken care of directly or indirectly…
If you do not believe in the United States of America, GET OUT! I am sure you will find another country and another president to bash wherever you go! Just don’t go to the Philippines and bad mouth it too infront of the world.
Philippines is also my country as well as the US.
‘Feel sorry for the next country you choose to live in.

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