Warm Bodies 2: Mainit-Init Pa!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comA few days after Harry Potter Book 6 hit the market, Filipino bloggers today released Warm Bodies 2: Orange Sunset, the second in the series of Warm Bodies ebooks.

Warm Bodies ebooks are collections of select blog entries by Filipino bloggers.

“The unified theme for this offering is Change, compiling select bloggers’ interpretation of the only thing that a cliché brands permanent in the universe. Aside from sequels, that is–movies and revolutions aside,” writes editor Oscar Alvarez Jr. Continue reading

Tara, Project 2 Tayo!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comNagustuhan n’yo ba ang e-book naming “Warm Bodies: The Kris Aquino Complex”?

Puwede ka na ring maging bahagi ng pagbubuo ng susunod na e-book. Narito ang mechanics:

Warm Bodies: Project 2 will be a blogger-get-blogger program. Bloggers will nominate a fellow blogger’s post URL based on the theme “Change.”

The following points should be kept in mind: Continue reading